Halloween Ends CinemaCon Footage- Here is a Full Story

Halloween Ends CinemaCon Footage

At CinemaCon last night, Universal debuted the first trailer for Halloween Ends, which was introduced by Jamie Lee Curtis. Don’t waste your time looking for that footage online because, as usual with CinemaCon, it isn’t anticipated to be posted online. But what did attendees of CinemaCon see last night? For you, ComicBook.com has provided a thorough breakdown.

Halloween Ends, the climax to the Halloween film series and the sequel, premiered its debut trailer at CinemaCon 2022, pitting Laurie Strode against Michael Myers. It should excite viewers to see the two horror titans clash one more time after reading Cam Bonomolo of ComicBook.com, who was present at the event, describe the clip.

Halloween Ends CinemaCon Footage

The CinemaCon-only trailer starts out with the phrase “44 years ago, the face of dread was born.” A murder montage that “shows the victims of Michael Myers on Halloween night ’78 and 2018” is what comes next, along with clips from other Halloween films like “Classic footage from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN.”

Although the trailer contains a majority of material from the other films, there is one significant sequence that is brand-new, according to the website’s post on CinemaCon this morning.

Jamie Lee Curtis informed the CinemaCon audience last night, “This Halloween, we will experience Laurie’s last stand. She added, “It’s going to screw you up.”

Halloween Ends CinemaCon Footage

Halloween Ends CinemaCon Footage

Halloween Ends is dated for theatrical release on October 14, 2022.

There will be a four-year gap between the events of Kills and Ends, and David Gordon Green recently hinted that it will be more “intimate” and “limited.”

Although the third book in the trilogy has not yet been released, the finale of Halloween Kills hinted at a conflict between Laurie and Michael that will probably take center stage. The conflict between the good guy and the bad guy is more personal than ever because of how last year’s movie ended with Michael (apparently) taking Karen Strode’s life.

“every yell. every fright. every cut. has produced this, “The trailer keeps going. Then, some fresh footage starts, displaying Laurie Strode “heavily breathing as she hides in a dark closet” and “Michael Myers stalking a kitchen with a knife.” The action then begins in the clip, which is characterised as “a BRUTAL battle,” as “Laurie leaps at Michael and slashes at him.”

Then, Michael Myers “grabs Laurie’s hair and throws her against a glass cabinet, face first. Taking a firm hold of the knife, Laurie stabs Michael in the hand. Michael is on the table as the trailer finishes. Laurie uses a butcher knife while standing over her prey. Halloween is over. After Halloween Kills’ shocking conclusion, Laurie is probably thinking a lot about violence, which may make Halloween Ends the most intimate book in the series.

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