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Online pharmacies and medicines have made life much easier and are also helping to reduce costs. Here are a few items to remember during your online order.

 Cheaper medications

Yeah that’s right, you read it. Medicines are typically cheaper online since vendors can service a broad clientele from one central location—and avoid the expense of running physical retail branches. Often, multinational online pharmacies are able to sell far fewer medications than domestic ones. Price caps imposed on medications by many countries help to minimize prices.


Cheaper Medicines
Discounted Medicines

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Confident Sources

If you order medication online, be sure to do so from a reputable, confirmed source. Options such as return; cash on delivery are incentives that you can obtain from your service provider. While ordering online in India make sure it is legal and authorized by CDSCO

Avoid Illegal Medication

One of the items to remember when purchasing medicines online is that you are not tempted to order medications and medicines that are explicitly forbidden by law. An authentic service provider would never mention illegal drugs on their website. It is illegal to do the following thing:

  • Purchase of controlled drugs without a prescription signed by a licensed physician. This covers all prescribed drugs, sedatives, stimulants and anabolic steroids.
  • Buy prescription drugs that are not licensed by CDSCO, even though they are legal in the country from which you purchase them.

Check Certification

Look for pharmacies that are certified by the Pharmacy council of India, which are usually indicative of the fact that they follow stringent safety and quality standards. Always take note to cross-check a pharmacy’s certification against that of the associated websites. Never buying from websites that sell drugs without a prescription or that offer to prescribe the drug for you is one of the main Things to note while buying medicines online.

Look for pharmacies that are accredited by the Indian Pharmacy Council, which are generally representative of the fact that they comply with strict safety and quality requirements. Often take note of cross-checking the certification of the pharmacy against that of the related websites. Never purchasing from websites that sell medications without a prescription or promise to prescribe a medication for you is one of the key things to remember when buying medicines online.

General Precautions

Contact your doctor immediately if you encounter some unfavorable unanticipated side effect from a drug you have bought online. Never take any products which are cracked or scattered or which are labelled or mishandled in shabbily bottles. Contact the online pharmacy and tell your questions before taking the prescription if you are concerned about the appearance of a drug.

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