Tips to Keep Your Cat Away from the Baby Crib

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As a cat owner, you will know how difficult it is to keep your cat away from your baby’s bassinet. But today, you will find some proven and simple hacks to do it. Let’s begin! 

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Keep Your Cat Away from the Baby Crib 

We all love our little furry friends who fill our lives with their cuteness. Cats love to snuggle in cozy warm places. And what could be a more comfortable place for a cat to nap than a baby crib?

However, sometimes your newborn may develop a cat allergy. That’s why many doctors suggest keeping cats away from the baby crib. Their fur can cause harmful effects on the newborn. So, you need to find a way anyhow. 

The most appropriate solution is to buy a bassinet for cats. Several online shopping platforms can find the best bassinets for cats, best bassinets for cat owners etc. Cat-proof baby bassinets feature a cover so your cat cannot enter the bassinet. But if you don’t want to purchase cat bassinets, here are some tips and tricks to prevent the cat from being away from the baby bassinet. 

  •   Provide Alternative Comfy Places

Cats are extremely intelligent. They will observe how much you care for your baby and will obviously grow curiosity about the baby. But if you want to keep the cat away from your baby’s sleeping area, you must provide other comfortable spaces for your cat. 

Make sure your fur baby gets a lot of cozy and warm places to snuggle in your house. If your cat already has specific places for napping, the chances of going into a baby crib become less. So, you must invest in pet beds and pillows. 

  •   Install A Screen Door 

Your cat will be attracted to your baby and want to know him or her more. But if you don’t want your cat inside the bassinet, it is best to buy the best bassinet for cat owners. 

However, if that option is not possible, you can opt for installing a screen door in the crib. It will allow your cat to observe your baby from a distance. So you can make your cat bond with your baby from a distance without any territorial problems inside the crib. 

  •   Planned Light Scolding 

If your cat gets inside the crib, although it has plenty of other alternatives, planned scolding can be the right solution for you. 

You should avoid leaving your cat in your baby’s room when you are not present. Instead, make sure that your cat enters the room when you are nearby. You must scold your fur baby if it climbs into the crib and make it understand that you don’t want this behaviour. Your cat will know you are not happy when it gets inside the crib and will eventually learn after getting scolded. 

  •   Use Aluminum Foil 

If none of these applies, you can use aluminum foil. It is pretty convenient and straightforward. Additionally, it makes your cat hate jumping inside the bassinet for cats. 

Use aluminum foil over the mattress. Cats do not like loud noises. It makes them feel uneasy. Using aluminum foil over the mattress is a fantastic way to keep the cat away from the baby bassinet. They will not like the sound and jump out of the crib immediately. 

Final Take

The long-lasting solution to keeping your cat away from the crib is to purchase the best bassinet for cat owners from Chirpy Mama, who are serving the best to the cat parents. However, if you don’t feel like it, do not forget to try the tips mentioned above and tricks. By ensuring a safe distance between your baby and the cat, your baby can live without allergies or diseases. 

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