Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, whose given name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, is an American actor who emerged in the 1980s as one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men, renowned for his good looks and versatility. He was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York.

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High school actor Tom Cruise made his feature debut with Endless Love (1981). Before starring as a high-school senior who converts his parents’ home into a brothel in Risky Business, he had supporting roles in films such as Taps (1981) and The Outsiders (1983). (1983). The film was a tremendous success and brought Cruise widespread acclaim. Top Gun (1986), the highest-grossing film of that year, in which he portrayed a military jet pilot, solidified his celebrity status. In 1986, Cruise starred opposite Paul Newman in Martin Scorsese’s The Colour of Money, and two years later, he played the selfish brother of an autistic man in Rain Man. Born on the Fourth of July (1989), in which he portrayed a Vietnam War soldier turned activist, earned Cruise his first Academy Award nomination.

Tom Cruise American actor

In the 1990s, Cruise portrayed a variety of characters in his films, including a navy lawyer in A Few Good Men (1992), a vampire in Interview with the Vampire (1994), and a secret agent in Mission: Impossible (1996); the latter film’s immense popularity led to sequels in 2000, 2006, 2011, 2015, and 2018. His act as a sports agent in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire earned him a second Oscar nomination. In 1999, he played alongside his then-wife Nicole Kidman in the highly anticipated final film of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut (1999), an investigation of marital faithfulness that received mixed reviews. In the same year, Cruise’s performance as a sexist self-help guru in Magnolia garnered him an Oscar nod for best supporting actor.

In the 2000s, Cruise starred in a number of action films, including the science-fiction thriller Minority Report (2002), directed by Steven Spielberg; The Last Samurai (2003), in which he portrayed a disillusioned U.S. soldier who joins a samurai community; and the gritty Los Angeles-set Collateral (2004), in which he portrayed a tenacious contract killer. War of the Worlds (2005), a graphically spectacular version of the H.G. Wells novel of the same name, reunited him with Spielberg. In 2008, Cruise portrayed an aggressive movie executive in the comedy Tropic Thunder, and in Valkyrie, he portrayed the historical figure Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a German army commander who plotted an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.

Cruise then starred in the 2010 action films Knight and Day and Jack Reacher (2012). In the latter, he repeated his position as an ex-military investigator, which he also did in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016). After portraying a 1980s rock star in the musical Rock of Ages (2012), he was cast as a post-apocalyptic survivor in the science fiction film Oblivion (2013). Then, in the alien invasion comedy Edge of Tomorrow, he played a bumbling military public relations officer who is constantly killed and revived (2014). In 2017, Cruise starred in The Mummy, an action-horror thriller, and American Made, an antic drama. In Top Gun: Maverick (2022), he reprised his 1986 blockbuster role.

Cruise’s personal life frequently garnered as much interest as his acting career. His marriage to Nicole Kidman was avidly watched by the Hollywood media, as did their 2001 divorce. In the years that followed, his strong support for Scientology proved problematic, particularly his 2005 public denunciation of psychiatry as a pseudoscience (a view held by Scientologists). Through his public relationship with actress Katie Holmes, with whom he was married from 2006 to 2012, Cruise continued to attract attention in tabloids and entertainment media.


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