Top 5 Tips For Men Who Are New To Makeup

botico organics.

Accentuating your features and hiding flaws is never a bad idea. Women have already had a hand on the whole concept of makeup, but nowadays we can see men coming forward and joining in the trend. But when you want to start something new then it becomes necessary to have an idea of how, where and when to start. The incorrect methodology can give you some inappropriate results as well as can either be harmful or let down your confidence. Makeup is something really helpful in giving you the confidence to walk out regardless of gender. Men these days are coming forward and trying on makeup. It is no new concept but before you start it’s necessary to have an idea and adequate information of the notion.?

Beginner’s guide for men!

If you are someone with the same mindset and love to flaunt yourself with some makeup on, then here we are with some great tips for you to begin your makeup.


Start with a skincare routine 

It is always said that good makeup needs a good skincare routine. The simple idea behind this fact is that you need to pamper and build up your skin before putting up any cosmetic product, for which you must follow the men’s skincare tips. It is simply because no matter how experienced or new you are in the field of makeup, you always need to remember and understand the need for healthy skin. 

All you need to do for this is cleanse and moisturize your skin with moisturizer for men every morning and evening, as this will make your face relaxed giving you a proper base to apply makeup. I will definitely suggest the Tinted Moisturizer by BoticoMan Organic which is a known brand in Men’s Makeup.

Relaxing the eye

Eyes are the area you are not supposed to compromise with, as it is the most noticed part for both man and woman’s face. So it is essential for you to relax and prepare your under eyes before turning for a makeup look. You must steal a proper portion of sleep so that your eyes do not swell up. Another thing which you can bring in is to give a break to your eyes with a cool cucumber slice, just 15-20 mins before you are ready to pull a makeup. 

Yes! This is today’s makeup hack gentleman.

Be perfect with the shade 

Keep it natural! Whether it is a men’s foundation, concealer or an eyebrow filler, you need to be accurate with the shade you pick. As, even if your skin and eyes are perfectly ready for some makeup, the wrong shade can bring in disasters! 

So, always spend a good time choosing a perfect shade that goes with your skin tone. No matter whether it is for men’s concealers, foundation or grooming products.

If you are still confused then let me tell you my personalized choice, which I love using. So without wasting any time let me tell you that BOTICOMAN COSMETICS is seriously an excellent idea. Their products are organic and good for your skin. Especially the colour shade they bring in is perfect according to Indian tones. Undoubtedly, it’s a must-try from my side no matter if you are new or experienced in the Makeup field.

Know how to apply

Once you get the perfect makeup all you need to learn is how to apply it. Remember a wrong application method can make you look like a clown too. For this, you can have a look on YouTube, Instagram or even on Google. Various influencers and makeup artists are coming forward with some quality content. That might help you.

Go with the best brand 

This is definitely a bigger step. Initially many people find it illogical to spend a handful of money on cosmetics, but here they are making a big mistake! As there is a possibility that the brands that give you products at a lower price can cost you and your skin much. So it is vital to research and make a correct and appropriate choice. 

So, beginners here are some free and useful tips before you start flaunting features and re-creating the new you. 

It is never late to understand that makeup is for everyone. Therefore we hope you will enjoy this new journey and bring out the best in yourself. All you need is to keep these few tips in mind and most of all never forget to take care of your skin after and before makeup and choose the best brand. You are ready to go!


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