Twitter Video App For Smart Tvs Is Coming- Elon Musk

Twitter video app for Smart TV

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With his latest tweet on Saturday, Elon Musk, the mystery entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, once again sent shockwaves within the tech industry.

Musk wrote, “It’s coming” in response to a tweet from a Twitter user who wanted a Twitter video app for Smart TVs. The user had mentioned that viewing long videos on a smartphone is impractical. Musk disclosed that Twitter is working on a video app designed solely for smart TVs, with the intention of revolutionizing how users interact with the popular social media platform.

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With the increasing popularity of smart TVs in households around the world, Musk’s perception aims to tap into the huge potential of these large screens to strengthen the Twitter experience. By introducing Twitter’s innovative and engaging content to the big screen, users will be able to connect, exchange, and consume information in a more immersive and captivating manner.

Twitter supports lengthy video content.

Twitter allowed users to upload videos up to two hours in length beginning last month. Within moments as the option went live, users of the microblogging site began uploading recordings. In fact, Chapter 4 of John Wick was leaked on Twitter only a few days after the book was out.

With the introduction of a Twitter video app for connected smart TVs, new opportunities present themselves. From the convenience of their couches, users can watch live broadcasts, browse the latest viral videos, and interact with all sorts of video content. This action is consistent with Musk’s conviction in the transformative potential of technology and his constant pursuit of innovation.

Twitter Video App For Smart Tvs

Using a Twitter video app for smart TVs allows you to access a wide selection of video material in real time. Twitter users may now view streaming video of current events and other significant happenings on the social networking site.Using a Twitter video app for smart TVs allows you to access a wide selection of video material in real time.The video content displayed within the app will be customized based on the user’s individual preferences. People might feel more connected and involved by watching videos together and then discussing them in the comments. One of Twitter’s strengths is its users’ ability to communicate in real time, and displaying this feature on a wide screen should only increase its impact

Musk also stated that in the near future, users would be able to watch videos while navigating via the app, and that lengthier videos will have forward and reverse seek buttons that may be used for 15 seconds each. Even though Musk promised these features a month ago, we have yet to see them implemented on the platform. 

Focus on video content on Twitter

Reuters reports that Twitter’s primary focus is now on video, creator, and commerce partnerships to’revitalize the social media company’s business beyond digital advertising,’ according to an investor presentation obtained by the news agency. 

Moreover, Twitter owner Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino reportedly informed investors during a private call that the company is in preliminary discussions with political and entertainment figures, payment services, and news and media publishers regarding potential partnerships. This was Yaccarino’s first time giving a presentation in front of the company’s investors.

On top of that, the introduction of the Twitter video app on smart TVs creates new advertising and monetization opportunities. Advertisers can utilize the wide screen real estate to produce appealing video advertisements that capture the attention of users and generate results. This action may produce new sources of revenue for Twitter and benefit both the platform and its advertisers.

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