Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

The most extensive range of Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters on the internet. These hard-coated narrowband filters are designed and specified with wide-range out-of-band blocking, the highest transmission levels in the industry, and bandwidths as narrow as 0.15 nm. There are both single- and multi-cavity filters available. These ultra-narrowband filters are perfect for a wide range of laser applications, astronomy, Raman spectroscopy, and LIDAR.

The performance of laser-based systems will be optimised by Alluxa’s thin-film, ultra-narrow bandpass filters, which have the narrowest bandwidths and greatest transmission in the industry.

In procedures like fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and DNA sequencing, ultra-narrowband filters work best as laser lines, laser cleanup filters, or laser excitation filters. They are also extremely resistant to laser deterioration, ensuring that they will continue to perform at a high level for a considerable amount of time.

Alluxa narrowband interference filters can be specially created to satisfy one or more of the demanding requirements listed below, depending on the wavelength ranges and needs of your system:

  • Up to 98% peak transmission
  • Up to OD10 blocking by design
  • CWL at any wavelength from the UV to the near IR (~250 nm to 1800 nm)
  • CWL tolerances as tight as 0.05 nm
  • FWHM bandwidths as narrow as 0.1 nm
  • TWE as low as 0.01 wave RMS / inch measured at 632.8 nm

Flat-Top Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters for precision control

Flat-top, ultra-narrow bandpass filters are made with very steep edges and high transmission over the whole passband as part of their design. It is possible to create this square spectral form for bandwidths as small as 0.1 nm. For LIDAR, Raman spectroscopy, and other applications that call for the employment of precise laser transmitting filters or laser cleanup filters, flat-top narrowband filters are perfect.

With a revolutionary thin-film coating process, quality and consistency are achieved.
On equipment that our team created and built, Alluxa thin-film optical interference filters and dielectric mirrors are all hard-coated utilising our SIRRUSTM plasma deposition process. Due to our ability to dependably and frequently generate the same high-performance optical thin films over a number of coating runs, your systems will all operate at a constant level of performance.

Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

A customised optical filter known as a narrow bandpass filter is made to isolate a specific wavelength range while rejecting all other wavelengths of light. We create ultra-narrow bandpass filters at Shanghai Optics with good transmission throughout the passband and deep blocking of all other regions. With the use of cutting-edge plasma deposition technology, we create our narrow bandpass filters, which are extremely precise and long-lasting.

Details of Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

The primary characteristics of these filters relate to the position and size of the pass band as well as the completeness of both rejection and transmission because each narrow bandpass filter transmits only certain wavelength ranges.

The midway of the pass band or transmitting zone is known as the centre wavelength of a narrow bandpass filter (abbreviated CWL). The peak transmission occurs here as well.

The bandpass filter’s full-width half-max (FWHM) measurement provides the pass band’s width at 50% of maximum transmission. A narrow band pass filter has an FWHM that is less than 6% of the primary wavelength.

Others have a peaked pass band shape, while some narrow passband filters have a flat top. The pass band ripple of the filter determines the flatness of the transmitting region in percentage points, and a low pass band ripple is equivalent to a flat top narrow band. In LiDAR applications, where the filter must function without spectrum drift owing to temperature cycling, flat top filters are in particularly high demand.

The optical density of a narrow band filter describes blocking in the rejection zone; deep blocking density may be taken to be OD of 6.

Applications of our Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

Our super narrow bandpass filters are made to specifically fulfil the needs of complex imaging setups and research. Our ultra narrowband optical filters are excellent for laser cleanup as well as for laser line and laser excitation filters due to the strong coating and longevity of these optics. They can be used in LIDAR, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, DNA sequencing, PCR diagnostics, and flow cytometry. They may be crucial in cytometry and fluorescence in-situ hybridization for minimising spectrum cross-talk.

Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters at Shanghai Optics

We are proud to produce ultra-narrowband filters with robust optical coatings at Shanghai Optics. Our standard narrow bandpass filters come in choices with centre wavelengths ranging from 355 to 1064 nm and are made of UV fused silicon. Our available narrowband filters range in FWHM from 1.3 (for a filter with a 355 nm CWL) to 4.0 nm (for a 1064 nm CWL filter). Our filters’ laser damage threshold is 0.1 J/cm2 at 532 nm, and their surface quality is 60-40 scratch dig (10ns pulse width).

To learn more about custom options or to get a comprehensive inventory of our in-stock narrow band pass filters, please get in touch with us. For more than 50 years, we have been a dependable source of custom optics thanks to the significant experience of our engineering staff in building sophisticated optical systems for a wide range of applications.

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