Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party in NYC

bachelorette party in nyc

After years of weddings via Zoom, the wedding season has returned in full force. And before you or your best friend exchange those eternal vows, it’s time to go all out in New York City and throw a bachelorette party that will live in infamy forever. In addition to outdoor spas, rooftop bars, and fun things to do, there are other ways to commemorate your permanent plus one status in New York City. How to host a memorable Bachelorette Party in NYC, from a penthouse slumber party in SoHo to a luxurious glamping trip on an island south of Manhattan, to a wild night singing your heart out at karaoke or trying trapeze school.

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Escape to an island for a glamping adventure

Governmental Island

The complete glamping experience at The Collective Retreat on Governors Island is the ideal way to celebrate nature in New York City (without resorting to camping-like amenities). Officially opening in May, it has a complimentary water taxi from Lower Manhattan, a seafood-focused restaurant named Fire & Water, a variety of overnight accommodations, and activities such as stargazing and a cocktail hour at sunset. There are a variety of rustic and sophisticated tents with views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan skyline, as well as waterfront decks, en-suite toilets, pantries loaded with s’mores treats, and complementary morning yoga and meditation.

bachelorette party in nyc

Host a penthouse sleepover in a stylish SoHo hotel.


Imagine an upscale adult sleepover. Each room at The Dominick hotel features floor-to-ceiling windows, but you’re here to enjoy one of 10 available penthouses with your bridal party. Along with spectacular city views, Italian-marble bathrooms, plush king-sized beds, and even an in-building hammam, order bottles of champagne, Lobster Rolls, Charcuterie Boards, or a Short Rib Burger and stay up all night sipping bubbly, giggling, and reminiscing about the days when you were single. Additional hotel features include the BABOR Spa for exquisite treatments and The Vestry, a highly acclaimed seafood restaurant led by chef Shaun Hergatt.

Enjoy yourself on the dance floor.


Visit the well-known warehouse dance club House of Yes to spice up your evening. This is the place to let loose and express yourself on the dance floor, as it is known for its spectacular gatherings, carefree spirit, and charmingly inclusive character. Expect aerialists suspended from the ceiling, high-energy DJ sets, and themed nights that bring out the personality in everyone. Alternately, House of X’s sibling club at the PUBLIC Hotel on the Lower East Side is a wild and seductive underground playground. For any location, we advise bringing disposable cameras to capture all the unforgettable events and remaining till the early morning when the lights come on.

Next, confront your fear of heights (after overcoming lifelong commitments)

Borough of South Williamsburg

The best way to spice up a party is to throw our bodies off a 23-foot-tall platform. Try a group session at the Trapeze School New York, where instructors will launch participants into the air from astounding heights, if you’re looking for a thrilling experience. There are also a variety of land-based sports, including trampolines, balance beams, and grounded acrobatics, for those in the group who are less interested in this specific adrenaline rush.

“Dress to the nines” and sway along to your favorite tunes at a piano bar


The Nines piano bar in NoHo is popular due to its velvet booths, burgundy walls, and gilded-era aesthetic elements. A baby grand piano in the center of the room is complemented by a revolving roster of pianists performing jazz and classic tunes. Sip classics such as martinis or trademark cocktails such as No9 (gin, manzanilla, vermouth) and nosh on popular meals such as the twice-baked Kaspian Potato topped with caviar. Whether as a pregame opener or as the evening’s main attraction, the addition of piano tunes and off-key singing helps to make a memorable evening

Treat yourself to new nail art before hitting the town


Before heading out for a night of drinking and debauchery, reserve a pampering session at Chillhouse for the group. This is a one-stop shop for mani-pedis, massages, and wellness-infused lattes, renowned for its exquisite nail art and professional technicians. Relax in a massage chair while sipping Chill Me Out (lavender, vanilla, ashwagandha) and discussing who is dreading a run-in with their former partners on the big day.

Get rid of your pre-wedding nerves


The bride may be a lover rather than a fighter, but everyone has a cause to punch a punching bag. Throw uppercuts and right punches at the newly-opened Box St boxing studio in response to miscommunications with catering and last-minute RSVPs that muddle the seating chart. Classes consist of 45 minutes of high-energy aerobics and training that will leave you feeling energized and relieved of any lingering pre-wedding nerves.

Enjoy a sunset cruise throughout the city.

Pier 62

A sunset cruise on a 1920s-era yacht is a drunken alternative to the bachelorette tradition of visiting numerous bars and clubs. For $78 per person, Classic Harbor Line will transport you across New York City’s canals as you admire the city’s sparkling skyline, bask in the setting sun, and sip complimentary champagne. Alternately, if you have a company of 17 or more, you have the option to rent the entire boat for even more seclusion.

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