What did King Khan say about the question of coming into politics? The name of the party’s election symbol spreads its arms

Shahrukh Khan said

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After appearing on the hearts of people with cinematic curtains, many actors have come down in the state. Above are examples of films like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan of South India, film superstars. From time immemorial, they are trying to make their country’s land popular by reducing their popularity. People look at King Khan Shah Rukh Khan, but sometimes he gets tired. The question arises in the mind of the fiance- will King Khan also try fate in politics in the near future? In response to this question, Shahrukh Khan has denied any such possibility. They believe that the desire for working for the public should not be in them.

Shahrukh Khan said in an exclusive interview with NDTV: “I believe in the role of an actor as an actor for every country, but you know that political is such an area where specialty is needed. I have more understanding of politics There is no further information. ”

Shahrukh Khan further said- To make a hold in politics, you have to become an expert, you need to work completely towards selfless, dedicated, and to improve the lives of people. So I do not know how much I can work with these selfless feelings about all these things. As such, I do not think about all these things. I have doubts about coming into politics.

What will happen if the opportunity to form a party? On this question, Shahrukh smiles and gives fun answers, both arms spread. This is the signature style of King Khan. Actually, in the movies, Shah Rukh Khan gives a romantic pose when the arms are spreading. Shahrukh Khan praised him when asked about the movie starring actor Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. Said: “Rajni and Kamal Sir have been helping people in public before coming to politics. They love people, people want them to work for the public, I do not love them as much as people.



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