What Happens When You Type in ‘I’m Feeling Curious’

i'm feeling curious

A fun new feature that Google just added to its search engine should quell your boredom and keep you occupied for the rest of time.

Simply go to Google and type in “I’m feeling curious” or “interesting facts.” Then, Google will display an intriguing random fact, frequently taken from Wikipedia or news websites.

When you press “Ask another inquiry,” Google will keep giving you interesting facts.

You can find a random knowledge to store away for future trivia contests or to use as a conversation starter by typing “I’m feeling interested” into the search engine.

Each fact is taken from a website, with a link provided by Google to the original source.

The boredom buster has a strong addictive potential. Users can click “ask another question” after reading the first fact to receive another fact covering any conceivable subject, from space to Santa Claus.

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