CCNA Examination Process and Precautions

CCNA Examination Process and Precautions

1. Something about Preparation for CCNA

The preparation for CCNA Exam MORE DUMPS AND is mainly based on the question bank. Of course, the early textbooks and videos must be seen. What is circulated on the Internet now is the Version V31. There are about 400 questions in the question bank, including about 385 multiple-choice questions, about 10 dragging dropping questions and about 5 experimental questions, of which ACL, EIGRP and VTP troubleshooting are required.

2. Something about CCNA Exam

The total score of CCNA test is 1000, with the fractional line of 825, and the test time of 120 minutes. A total of 50 questions are extracted from the question bank, including 45 multiple-choice questions, two experimental questions, and 3 required experiments which are ACL, EIGRP,and VTP Troubleshooting. Among them, the experiment accounts for a large proportion in the exam. Even if your multiple-choice questions and dragging & dropping questions are all correct, the experimental questions are also correct for two, and it is likely to fail. Therefore, the experimental questions are very important, which must be at least correct for more than 2.5.

3. CCNA Examination Room andProcess

Make an appointment for the examination in advance. After confirmation, go to the examination room in advance on the day of the examination (start in advance, but don’t be late). Don’t forget to bring two valid certificates. The ID card is necessary, and the other certificates can be driver’s license, student card, temporary residence permit, etc.

4. Questionnaire survey

The examination system is divided into VUE and Prometric. The system is different, and the contents of the questionnaire at the beginning are slightly different, but don’t worry. Choosing Option B is relatively safe. Click Next after each question until the end. Because option B usually means that the examinee’s level is average, then the test questions won’t be too difficult.

After the agreement, click the End option in the lower right corner of the questionnaire page, and the examination system will automatically start to extract questions from the server. The questions have been downloaded from Australia by the examination center one day before, and are temporarily stored in the server.

5. Formal Examination

For those who take the same test at the same test site on the same day, the topic of the day will not change much. During the test, marking and backward are not allowed. Once you click Next, you cannot return to the previous test question for modification. There is plenty of time for the exam. People who take the exam for the first time may be nervous. In fact, as long as they are fully prepared, the exam time is still enough. You can rest assured.

Experimental questions are the most important and account for a large proportion in the exam, so we should be careful. Here are some precautions

  1. CCNA test experiment support “?” “Tab”. If you forget the command or write incompletely, you can ask these two helpers for help.
  2. The last step of the experimental command must be copying“running config startup config”.

When all the questions are finished, choose the End Exam and withdraw from the test paper.

The exam is over, and the exciting moment is coming! You’ll see the test results soon, If it shows“Congratulations!”, it means you have passed the exam!!

Going out of the examination room, you will see the examiner printing your transcript and stamping it. The transcript should be kept well, with your ID number, score and the examination situation of each part of the examination site, as well as the website and relevant information when registering in the future.

7. Post-exam Registration

Generally, after the test, you will receive an email from Cisco within two or three days. Cisco will provide the website in the email, and then you will go online to register your address information and so on

Because the registration information can be modified within ten days, that is, if the time passes, you can’t apply for a paper certificate, so you’d better hurry up to register!

After registration, Cisco will process the email. You can see whether Cisco issues the certificate on the website. Generally, it takes two weeks to process it, and then it takes at least two weeks to send it. Wait patiently. 

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