A triplex is made up of three separate homes that are joined together into a single structure and share one or two walls. In a triplex, each unit has its own kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, exterior doors, and address or unit number.

Triplexes: An Overview

Similar to a duplex or fourplex, a triplex is a three-unit multifamily building with a single owner rather than a property with two or four units.

While a triplex is made up of three separate homes united into one structure, each home usually has one or two walls in common. A triplex has three independent units, each of which is self-sufficient and has its own kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, exterior door, and address or unit number.

Some triplexes are built as triplexes, while others may have started out as a big single-family home that was subsequently partitioned into three independent residences

A triplex is typically sold as a single structure, and either the owner leases out every apartment or lives in one unit while leasing the other two (see house hacking . A triplex owner may occasionally live in one unit while having family members occupy the other units. However, a triplex is typically bought as an investment: to generate rent revenue

Describe the triplex. A building known as a “triplex apartment” consists of three different residential units combined into a single unit, each of which has one or two walls in common. A triplex features individual bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, exterior doors, and addresses for each unit.

Similar to a duplex or fourplex, a triplex is a three-unit residential building with a single owner.

While three independent residential units are combined to form a triplex, the units often have one or two walls in common. In a triplex, each living space is independent.

Some triplexes are designed to be triplexes, while others may have begun as a large single-family home that was later divided into three separate residences.

The owner of a triplex typically purchases it as a single building and either leases out all three apartments or resides in one while renting the others. A triplex owner may also occasionally live in one property while family members reside in the others. On the other side, a triplex apartment complex is typically purchased as an investment (such as a rental property) in order to generate income through rent.


What Is a Triplex? Everything You Need to Know

The number of units within the structure is the primary difference between a duplex and a triplex: a duplex has two units, while a triplex has three. Even with this knowledge, picking one can be difficult. To help you decide if triplex apartment complexes are the perfect choice for you, here is all you need to know about them.

The apartments are altered, and stairs are built to connect the three storeys, forming a triplex. A less common arrangement is a one-bedroom flat that is triplexed. In this case, the layout of the unit only includes the top two storeys of the building. However, the two stories are connected by a central floor. Every “level” is not lined up in the unit, and there is a half-staircase that you can use to get up and down between each floor. This configuration is quite uncommon and is most frequently found in buildings with stories that are taller than average.

There are many different types of triplex apartments available, but those with almost identical floor plans are the most sought-after. Because of their spacious interiors, which resemble houses, families choose triplex apartments.

The Basics of a Triplex House

A triplex home has an inside staircase that connects the three units. Due to its size and three-floor design, which makes it easy to separate the private and public areas of the house, they are especially popular among families.

Rather than existing as three separate apartments on different floors, as was previously indicated, triplex flats must be connected from within the apartment, with access to one floor from the other provided by either a public stairwell or an elevator.

In condominium or cooperative buildings with many triplex flats, the owners purchased the apartments above or below their own and remodeled them to create connected levels. You typically require the board of directors of your co-op or condo to approve this, which isn’t always simple.

Additionally, the stairs in triplex apartments come in a variety of sizes and designs, but many of them are designed to take up as little space as possible unless the apartment is exceptionally enormous. Along with switch-back staircases and the always-impressive floating forms, spiral stairs are among the most popular space-saving solutions.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Triplex

Owning a triplex has a few major benefits and drawbacks, particularly for landlords who want to live in one of the three units.


  • When repairs are needed, the landlord is nearby.
  • The landlord can deduct some maintenance expenses, repairs, and depreciation for the rental properties, among other tax benefits.
  • Sharing a yard, roof, and other shared spaces across the three homes allows for more effective repairs and maintenance.
  • The utility expenditures for the rental units may be deducted if the landlord covers the utilities.
  • The landlord might vacate and leave behind three properties that generate income.


  • Generally speaking, a triplex costs more than a single-family home or a duplex.
  • A triplex can be more challenging to sell because there are probably tenants involved, some of whom may have various lease expiration dates.
  • The proximity of a landlord to their renters might be challenging. The landlord is still the tenants’ next-door neighbor if there are any issues.

In many areas, it may be more difficult for a buyer looking particularly for a triplex to discover one because they are significantly less prevalent than duplexes and fourplexes.

A duplex, triplex, or fourplex can be of interest to investors who are just getting started or who are only familiar with the more common single-family property. A multifamily home is any structure with two, three, or four units.

Triplex Financing Options: Residential vs. Commercial Loans

Most lenders consider a building with more than four apartments to be commercial real estate, necessitating a commercial real estate loan, which has quite different loan terms than a residential loan.

A triplex, like a duplex and a fourplex, is eligible for a residential mortgage loan because it has less than five units. A commercial loan will almost always be used to fund structures with five units or more.

A commercial loan typically has a shorter amortization and is based more primarily on the net operating income of the property, whereas a residential loan is based more strongly on the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Either a residential loan or a commercial loan may be obtained by a real estate investor purchasing a multifamily property, albeit it may be more advantageous for the investor to obtain a home loan than a business loan whenever available. Compared to a business loan, a home loan often offers a lower interest rate and a longer loan period. An investor can still finance the deal with a 30-year loan and pay it off whenever they please, even if they are not interested in a long-term loan and intend to pay off a residential loan early. This gives you additional options.

A building with more than four flats is typically considered to be commercial real estate by lenders, necessitating the use of a commercial real estate loan, which has quite different terms from a residential loan.

Because it has fewer than five units, a triplex, like a duplex or a fourplex, qualifies for a residential mortgage loan. Finance for buildings with five or more units is almost generally provided via commercial loans.

While a residential loan is heavily focused on the borrower’s creditworthiness, a commercial loan frequently has a shorter amortization and is based more on the building’s net operating revenue.

A real estate investor can get a commercial or residential loan to buy multi-unit properties, however getting a residential loan is frequently preferable than getting a business loan. A residential loan frequently has a cheaper interest rate and a longer loan term when compared to a business loan.

Additionally, a 30-year loan may be used to fund the purchase if the investor does not desire a long-term loan and plans to pay off their residential loan early. This provides you more choices.


Similar to a duplex, a triplex has three apartments (or levels) but is a single residential building. The building can have three floors, with one unit occupying each floor, so the units don’t have to be next to one another. Some triplexes are also built top-to-bottom or back-to-back. Triplexes all share the same structural elements, regardless of how the units are arranged. They may have been purchased as a single-family home that was later divided into three sections, or they may have been purchased and/or constructed specifically for that use.

Despite being less frequent than either duplexes or fourplexes, triplexes have similar benefits and drawbacks. In general, triplexes have more potential for cash flow than duplexes, particularly if the owner chooses to rent out all three units rather than house hack one.

What do you think? Is triplex life for you?

A triplex allows you to enjoy some of the perks that you’d otherwise miss out on in a standard apartment. However, it doesn’t quite give you the same space and amenities you’d have in your own single-family home.

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