What is ASAP, ALAP and ATAP?

What is ASAP

ASAP, ALAP and ATAP are acronyms that stand for, respectively, as soon as possibleas late as possible and as timely as possible.

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The abbreviations ASAP and ALAP are often employed in connection with project management and scheduling, but they are also commonly used in various business- and non-business-related settings. It’s common knowledge that getting started as soon as possible is the best course of action. However, in reality, commencing a task as soon as it can be started and, conversely, delaying it for as long as possible might both have issues.

For instance, even if a task is started as soon as possible, new information may come to light later on that will affect how successfully it is completed. ALAP scheduling is occasionally recommended to prevent that problem as well as other potential issues. However, if a task is left to the very last minute, unforeseen circumstances may arise that cause it to take longer than expected and cause deadlines to be missed.

To prevent these issues, many scheduling experts suggest assessing each activity individually to determine the best time to start, a strategy frequently referred to as as timely as possible.

ASAP /ˌeɪˌɛsˌeɪˈpiː/ /ˈeɪˌsæp/ abbreviation
Dictionary definition of ASAP
as soon as possible — used in informal contexts in both spoken and written English

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