Think about knowledge and education, then think about education and a college degree. Which of these two, do you feel are synonymous? I’ll tell you that only one is.


You must have read the title of this blog. What do you think the answer is? I am sure there would be plenty. I have already questioned my family and friends about it. Some of them said money, which is up there on our priorities, but not the most significant. Some also answered with a job, and some went the emotional route with answers like love, friendship and family.

I am not going to deny the importance of any of these, but these are not the appropriate answer. The absolute requirement of all humans is education. Now, I am sure you would doubt my answer, but I have a valid justification for it.

Let us take an example of understanding my standpoint. Every one of you must know that our awareness of the world and its undergoing’s increases when we are educated. So, imagine Alfred is in a financial puzzle, and the only way out is a loan. Now, if he were trained, he would be aware of the kinds of loans, and if not, then he could find a way to get to know about them. Consequently, he got himself one of those small loans in Ireland, all because of his knowledge and awareness. And the role of education is not over yet.

The utilization of the loan, its repayment and the surety of never being stuck in a situation like that would all be dependent on his critical thinking, a perk earned from education. So now:

  • Do you know how important education is?
  • Why else do you think our parents force us to go to school and study?

It isn’t because we would learn the formula to convert kilograms into milligrams. However, that can come very handy at times, and it is because they want our brain cells to develop, widen and start functioning more, leading to advanced cognitive skills.


Have you ever looked up the definition of education in the dictionary or maybe on Google, since dictionaries have become obsolete today? You would be surprised to see the meaning.

For ages, people have related education withholding a degree, but that word is never, not even once, used to define the meaning of being educated. The role of a college or a school is not as important as society thinks it to be.

Being educated is synonymous to words like intellect, independence, accomplished, analytical thinking and even empathy. Possessing knowledge, regardless of how you did it, will make you educated. TED talks say that if you read for an hour or so every day about any topic of your choice, you are educating yourself with each reading. Since nobody can say TED talks is wrong, you have to believe me now.

Your school or university education is just a teeny tiny part of the process that would continue for a lifetime. Yesterday, I got to know how to change the bulb from a YouTube video, and that educated me more than just merely calling for help. Learning is the core of the education process when you stop doing that, and you have finished your education.


I have already told you that education and a degree do not have the same meaning. However, I can feel that most of you are shaking your heads at this notion. I’ll not try to change your thought process with words, but I will do it with examples.


You must have heard of Bill Gates; he is the founder of Microsoft. He is one of the richest men in the world and has held the title of the richest man for a few years as well. However, he did not finish his university education and did not have a degree to show off. He started his college journey at Harvard, two years into it, he realized he could do better and founded his company. The irony is he received an honorary doctorate after proving that education is not everything.


The next person is Steve Jobs, the sole reason why you have an iPhone as your cellphone. He went to college for six months, only a semester. According to him, the college was ridiculously expensive, and he decided to drop out. You would be astonished to know that his company Apple Inc. is worth almost 270 billion USD, and is the most successful in the gadgets market.

The purpose of writing this blog is to make you understand the essence of education. It does not just mean to be involved in your academia, but it also means to get the proper knowledge about every aspect of your lives. Apart from the only experience, education also liberates you, makes you confident enough to take on the world even when your circumstances say you cannot.

An educated person would be gutsy enough to take cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland because he was not happy in his job and needed to use his knowledge and expertise for his growth rather than stagnation. A college graduate with limited experience would have that kind of confidence. And that, my friends, is the reason why education is our paramount need. If you have a piece of knowledge, no power in the world can stop your success.

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