What To Do When Your Blog Traffic Is Low? 5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

Hi Bloggers! Today we are going to talk about what should be done if the traffic of the blog suddenly decreases. While we have said before that “7 Reasons to Low your Blog Traffic”. If you have not read it, then read it now to know what could be the reason for the low traffic of your blog. Let’s read this post carefully, so that you will be able to increase the traffic of your blog again.

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Google Algorithms are constantly updated, due to which millions of bloggers have problems. Algorithm updates keep happening about 600 times in a year. Now you can guess how many times the algorithm would be updated every month. It is not necessary that as many times these updates are done, the traffic of all the sites decreases. Not everyone becomes a victim of this, but some people come into its grip and reduce the traffic.

If the traffic of your blog has decreased a lot since some time ago, then it is possible that you too have come under its grip. By searching for this, find out whether there have been any algorithm updates recently? If it has not happened, then there can be many other reasons, for this you read this post.

Those people hate Google right now who follow SEO techniques in an illegal way. If you tell it simply, then people who use Black hat SEO techniques in their blog, now Google does not want to index them in SERPs. You must know that in earlier times black hat were the best way to rank a site quickly. Through this, people could easily index their blog on the top.

There is also an important point that earlier there were not many sites, then Google used to index every type of site above to provide information to its users. But now there are lakhs of sites and only one is the same

Thousands of posts are found on the topic, Google has come to know this. Therefore, now Google wants to filter all the sites and index only those sites in the search result, which have good content quality. This will increase the trust of Google users on them even more.

Right now, by writing a post of 700 or 800 words, you cannot get it indexed on top in SERPs. If we talk about a few years ago, at that time someone used to write a post of 500 words, then google used to display in the 1st position. But right now the good quality content in front of Google is the same, in which about 2500+ words have been used.

If you maintain a blog, then of course you would want the traffic of your blog to increase. But this does not happen, but sometimes it’s just the opposite. That is, we want the traffic of the blog to increase, but suddenly we see that the traffic is decreasing! What will you do now??

In this post, we were talking about what should be done if the traffic of the blog suddenly decreases? Now we will tell you some tips below. If you follow all these tips, then the decreased traffic of your blog will start increasing.

What Should Be Done When The Traffic Of The Blog Suddenly Decreases?

If the traffic of your blog has decreased, then first of all you should check whether the ranking of your site has decreased or not? If your blog is getting less organic traffic, does it mean that the search ranking of your blog has decreased? If we say in simple words, then the decrease in search ranking confirms that your blog has received a penalty.

5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023 After Google Core Alogrithm Hit

That’s why first you check properly in the webmaster tool. We are telling you some tips which will help in increasing the traffic of your blog again.

  1. Use of Social Media:

Social media are most important for the growth and marketing of the blog. As you all know, social media has become very popular in today’s time, so Google or other search engines do not want to ignore it. If the site has a lot of popularity in social media, then it also signals the search ranking of your site. In simple words, if the value of your site is good in social media, then the search ranking will also increase due to this.

If you do not promote your blog in social media, then perhaps you are losing its search ranking as well. There can be no other great place than social media to promote a site in the least amount of time.

If the search ranking of your blog has decreased, due to which traffic is also not available, then social media is a very good way for you. By promoting your site in social media, you can get more traffic than before. Now you can also make your place in social media through advertising, but for this you will have to spend money. Even if you do not have money, you will slowly be able to give social media a better place for your blog.

  1. Commenting on Other Blogs:

Commenting is a great way to expose your blog. Through this, you will be able to increase the traffic of your blog and at the same time you will also be able to improve the search ranking. If you want to regain the lost traffic of your blog, then you can comment on other blogs.

You all would know that by commenting backlink was also available. By the way, commenting in most blogs gives nofollow backlink only, but we have already told you what are the benefits of Nofollow backlink? Dofollow backlinks are as important as nofollow for the search ranking of a site. Because nofollow backlink gives a natural look to the link profile.

Some people may also be thinking that commenting on the blog is still of no use. So I would like to tell them that by commenting you will get traffic only when you make a valuable comment. Just “Nice Information, thanks for sharing this.” No one will be interested to know about you by writing. I mean comment in such a way that if someone reads it, they become emotional to know about you and visit your blog.

If the traffic of your blog has decreased and you want to increase it more than before, then I would suggest you to comment on any other big blog related to your blog. Keep in mind that along with your Real Name, Email, Website Address, there should be valuable comments in the comment.

  1. Write Posts That Succeed:

If your blog is not getting as much traffic as before, then it can also be a valid reason that you are writing a post about it, in which your readers are not interested, due to which they do not want to read. If you want to maintain and increase the traffic of your blog, then for this you have to write posts according to the interest of your users.

To know the interest of your visitors, first of all you have to know that in which post in your blog you get more and more pageviews daily. You can use Analytics to know this. You can easily find out in the analytics account of your blog that which posts of your blog get the most views. Apart from this, you can also find out from the search query in the webmaster tool what the visitors come to your blog by searching the most.

After finding out in this way, what kind of post your visitors are interested in reading, then you should write another post well on the same topic. Due to this, the old visitors of your site will remain and at the same time new visitors will also start coming.

  1. Newsletter

Newsletter is a great way to bring old visitors back to your blog. You must have seen that all the big blogs and websites are there, all using Email Newsletter. Big companies also use a newsletter in their site so that their customers can stay connected with them.

You can also stop the traffic drop of the blog by using Newsletter in your blog. Google Feedburner is a free newsletter service, which also has many good features. In my case, I also use only Feedburner in my blog. There are many facilities in it, due to which I have not even thought about any other newsletter service till now. You can also use it for free.

When a visitor has visited your site for the first time and likes the post, then subscribed to your newsletter, then he will become your daily visitor. Because when a new post is published in your blog, it will get notification in the email. He will definitely visit the blog again to read your post.

When using the newsletter, there is a problem only in getting the visitors to subscribe somehow. If you use a newsletter in your blog, then give some free offer to the subscriber so that he will subscribe to your blog. Just somehow you have to increase the subscriber, after that you cannot lose the traffic in the blog.

  1. Start Advertising:

If you have a good budget then you can decide about advertising. With this you can get not only your old visitors but also many new visitors. It is not in everyone’s capability that they can promote the blog by advertising. For this you have to spend not thousands but lakhs only then you get better results.

In particular, there are such Niche Specific bloggers who promote blogs through advertising. If earlier good traffic used to come to your site, from which you have earned a lot, then you can also spend them in advertising. You can choose Facebook or Google for advertising. You have to decide either of the two or you can check using both.

I would suggest you to use Facebook only. In this you will have to spend less money and in this it provides options for age group, location, and interests. If the traffic of your blog has decreased, then this is a better way for you, which can give you a lot of new traffic along with old traffic.


The way we have mentioned above is that due to Google algorithm update, there is a decrease in the ranking and traffic of the site. If your site has also been affected by this or traffic has decreased due to some other reason, then you can boost the traffic of the blog by following the tips we have mentioned above. With this, in the end you would like to say one more thing that if the blog traffic of many people is less, then they stop working in the blog. We will request you not to stop working in the blog. Because this happens not only with you but with everyone. You just have to focus on your work. Work harder now than you used to work earlier. I am sure you will get its result very soon.

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