Where can I legally Put a Skip?

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Are you looking for skip hire Leyland? When hiring a domestic skip to remove waste from your spring clean, DIY or gardening project, there are regulations to consider regarding where the skip can legally be placed.

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Can we put a skip on the outside of your house road ?

If the road outside your house is classed as a public highway under the Highways Act 1980, then you’ll need a permit from the local council to place a skip there.

However, if you live on an unadopted road, then you won’t need a permit. These are usually quiet residential streets with low traffic volume.

You also won’t need a skip hire permit if you’re planning on leaving your skip on your property – garden or driveway – as this won’t cause any disturbance for cars or pedestrians. 

The largest skips that can be placed on a public highway are usually 8 yard skips, commonly known as builder’s skips. These are usually big enough for even the largest of projects requiring domestic skip hire in Leyland, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

To ensure health and safety at night or in low light, skips that are located on a public highway must be made more visible with lights and cones. The company providing skip hire in Leyland should supply these when they deliver the skip.

To find out whether your street is classed as a public highway or not, simply check this helpful database.

Can we set a skip on double yellow lines?

When considering skip hire in Leyland, it’s important to think carefully about where the skip will be placed. 

You cannot put a skip on double yellow lines. Additionally, the skip must not cover any maintenance access points, for example manhole covers or other utility points.

Can we set a skip in my front garden of my home?

Yes, it’s fine to place a skip in your front garden, as long as there is adequate access. Moving even the smallest skip into a garden can sometimes be a challenge.

As you own the land, there shouldn’t be any risk to public safety. However, if you choose to place your skip in your front garden or on your driveway, you’ll need to make sure that it’s well away from any public footpaths.

Can I put a skip on a shared driveway?

If you plan to place your skip on a driveway that you share with your neighbour, it’s worth ensuring that it will fit within your property boundary and won’t block or restrict their access. 

If your skip will block your shared driveway, even partially, it’s important (and polite) to get permission from your neighbours before you hire the skip.

Make use of skip hire Leyland today

Leyland Skip Hire aims to meet all your domestic waste disposal needs, and have a variety of skips available, including 2 yard, 4 yard and 8 yard skips. 

If you’re ready to proceed with skip hire in Leyland, give them a call on 01772 957 509 to arrange a suitable date and time for your skip to be delivered. Once your skip is full, give them a call and they will collect your skip from your property, taking care of the contents in an environmentally sustainable way. 

If you need a permit for skip hire in Leyland, they will be happy to arrange this for you.

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