Why Consider Organic Clothing for Babies and Children

Organic Clothing for Babies

One of the most common gifts people give to babies and children’s clothing. They are always outgrowing their current outfits or as they start to move around more, wearing them down, spilling things on them so they get through more clothes such as you have with Goldie & Ace than you might think. When you are choosing clothing, it is a good idea to choose clothing made in an environmentally friendly way, and organic materials are a good idea to help prevent issues with babies with sensitive skin. Natural fibers include things like cotton, wool and bamboo. They do not have harmful chemicals as synthetic clothing can, so is a lot safer, especially for babies with known skin sensitivities, but even for ones who are not.

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Why choose organic clothing for your child

There is a good reason why organic clothing should be your first choice when gifting clothing to babies and children. Olive & The Captain children’s clothing is a lot safer for them as they are made from plants that are not impacted by harmful chemicals or had harmful pesticides used on them. Something like pure cotton can be farmed using safe crop rotation methods and is better for the environment and the child wearing them. More people are choosing organic products as it is better for us and for the planet. 

A lot of people choose organic foods but might not realize there are other ways to buy organic. In organic clothing, though, babies can better maintain their body temperature avoiding overheating and breathing difficulties, and there is better moisture control as well. To make sure the eco-friendly option is truly that, as well as looking for organic clothing look for packaging that is recyclable and earth friendly too. Also consider whether it was made in Australia to limit the impact its creation had on the planet.

Organic clothing does not mean boring clothing

You can get all kinds of designs and looks that are fun and comfortable to wear but are also organic and safe. While you can choose more natural-looking colors with natural dyes when you are shopping, whether with Goldie & Ace or another popular and skillful baby clothes maker, you can choose outfits that are practical for play, or dressed up for a family birthday party! You might even decide to get something personalized with their name for example, or a favorite phrase.


As mentioned there are different organic materials you might choose from though cotton is probably the first you think of. Natural silk, wool and bamboo are some of the other common ones but then there is also hemp, linen, even cork! You can find organic clothing such as Olive & The Captain and others in a lot of stores and online. Just make sure it states they are certified organic. They are breathable and safe against the baby’s skin and make a great choice whether you are a parent shopping for your child or someone shopping for a baby shower gift.

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