Why You Must Start Using Instagram For Plastic Surgery Marketing and Promotions


Current year is bringing a lot of new trends, changes, and restructuring of plastic surgery marketing. As of now, total number of monthly active Instagram users is approximately +1 Billion and counting. Due to such massive number of interactions happening on Instagram

plastic surgery marketing

Current year is bringing a lot of new trends, changes, and restructuring of plastic surgery marketing. As of now, total number of monthly active Instagram users is approximately +1 Billion and counting. Due to such massive number of interactions happening on Instagram, it is naturally getting all-the-attention. Brand, Business-owners, professionals, experts, medical practitioners, nearly everyone is one INSTAGRAM. Here let’s check out some interesting facts about Instagram. 

  1. Total Number Of Daily Active Users: +500 Million
  2. Instagram Stories Daily Active Users: +500 Million 
  3. Number Of Photos Shared (till now): +50 Billion 
  4. Number Of Business On Instagram: +25 Million 
  5. Number of Instagram Likes Per Day: 4.2 Billion 

Today, Instagram is one of leading revenue-generation tools. There are approximately 2 Million monthly advertisers. It is safe to say that Instagram is right platform for plastic surgery marketing and promotions. As per recent report, there are 500,000 active influencers on Instagram. Since its inception as a safe and secure photo-sharing platform, today, this platform has evolved beyond its competition. For plastic surgery marketing, Instagram is a tried and tested to get your plastic surgery marketing agency to millions of individuals. Your prospects are already on Instagram, it makes sense to switch to this platform. 

plastic surgery marketing

Plastic Surgery Marketing is rapidly changing. There are new techniques coming-in every day. So, best way to produce effective results is by promoting your business/brand on Instagram. 

Why Instagram Works?

One of major reasons why it works for plastic surgery advertising is because of its sheer visual nature. We as a species are highly visual kind. Vision is one sense that we use more as compare to hearing, touch, and taste.  In short, visually pleasing content is a feast for eyes. Highly visual graphics evoke emotions and therefore bridge gap between brands and prospects. High-quality images get more likes, comments, and engagements. 

 So, once you have decided and planned out your content calendar next it is time to start posting. Remember Instagram is more personal application. Here, usually, people interact with brand only an advertisement may not get welcoming attention. You must try to create and share a personal post, before and after photos, quality-picture of an event, or all happening around community. For example: if you have an old patient before and after plastic surgery photographs; post them online with a catchy caption. Posting before and after photographs yield amazingly positive results. Plus, ensure to participate in local events. Overall, Instagram is one of the most fun-loving and exciting platforms. You can discover so much more, share content, and interact with your target audience. So, start experimenting with Instagram, create awareness, and educate your prospective patients. 

plastic surgery marketing

Social Media Marketing For Plastic Surgery Tips 

Instagram is continuously growing in popularity. Leverage its extending reach, and wider audience to ace your plastic surgery advertising campaigns. It is simple, content-driven platform and could bring you more potential patients. Keep reading and find out extend ways to use Instagram to grow your medical practice. 

  1. Hashtags: First one first, did you know, you can address target audience using hashtags. Instagram and hashtags run parallel, ensure to build plastic surgery marketing that leverages hashtags. Also, you can use similar strategy for Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram gets quick feed which means your content could get buried easily. So, ensure to not to go too far with hashtags. Avoid using more than five hashtags on single post.  
  2. UGC (User-Generated Content): Another best way to easily gain prospective patients and patients’ loyalty is by UGC. Plus, work-of-month marketing, UGSC is popular because no matter whether you have a small practice clinic or medium-sized clinic; you can make good use of it. In your plastic surgery marketing strategy, you must gently convince your follower to create content about their experience. 
  3. Giveaway: One of interesting methods to boost your reach and increase authority is simply hosting a giveaway. This way you would get more eyeball then you’d expect. On social network platforms for example Instagram giveaway is perfect. It is an amazing tool to blend user-generated content and plastic surgery marketing. 
  4. Invest In HQ Visual: Again, high-quality picture is at heart of Instagram. Prospective patients always want to know about their plastic surgeon, treatment process, and other procedures. Investing in HQ photo from behind-the-scene shots of office, employees, and happy patients and families, local community can be really impactful. 
  5. Consistency: The key to win heart of prospective patients and converting them to paying patients lies in consistency. Instagram Stories is perfect opportunity to publish and sharing content will help you stay relevant.

    plastic surgery marketing 


For plastic surgery marketing, there is quite a number of available options. Amidst variety of options, it is Instagram that stood out to best and effective channel.  Utilizing a photo-based social network to promote plastic surgery marketing would help you to gain visibility. Plus, you can stay connected with existing and potential patients

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