10 Best Things to Do in Gods Own Country 2023


God’s Own Country, the term was coined by a leading advertisement firm for Kerala Tourism Board with an idea of pitching it as a dream destination for every tourist. Guess what? It is considered as one of the significant achievements in the marketing field, for the state now stands on the bucket list of quite a lot of travellers, and does justice to the faith they bestow in this city. However, this phrase “God’s Own Country” is not as original as one may think, for it was first used to describe the Irish Wicklow Mountains, and thereafter has been used to refer to several different places. But we care only a little about the Irish Mountains for we are better off visiting a nearby local God’s Own Country at a lower expense. Let’s take a look at some of the finest things you can cherish in this little country-state.

Ayurvedic Treatment

There are several ways of immersing oneself and Ayurveda for many is not the first thing that comes to mind when we say relaxation. Ironically however, the 5000-year-old healing tradition speaks otherwise. With combined lifestyle virtue of yoga and a healthy diet, many Ayurvedic spas offer treatments encompassing medicinal plants (which are abundant in supply accruing to Kerala’s warm climate). One can stay there for a week, detox (vernacularly called Panchakarma), where the liver is purged off the toxins for renewal of the body. Not just that, there are other treatments that can one avail himself, say a relaxing body massage to treat insomnia or some neurological disorders.

Delicious Food

Kerala is well renowned for its fine dining cuisine where one can witness regional delicacies comprising seafood, coconut and other local variations. Feasting on an Indian affair is delighting, but learning how to cook it yourself is something way out of the league, for it will remain to be a skill which you can pamper yourself with. One can also opt for cooking with a local family.

Theyyam Rituals

Kannaur is one small town in Kerala, and was once used to being an ancient trading port in the northern Kerala. The town has beaches, crafts, and its unique Theyyam rituals which are an amalgamation of music, dance, and mime all used for bringing to life the rich stories of Kerala. Theyyam however takes place only from November until May.


Seems to be an interesting but unknown term, right? Well, to clear all apprehensions, it is an ancient martial art form that is practiced honourably in Kerala. Strikes, grappling, weaponry, kicks, healing all have their presence in this art form and their roots can be traced back to 2000 BC. One can attend an hour-long session to witness closely the fighting demonstrations, along with deity service, lamp lighting and other traditions. With a whole range of 27 weapons, one can always keep herself busy.

Temple Festival

Highlighting India’s most prized animal that is supposedly the elephant, these festivals pay tribute to the local gods and goddess. Big processions with star studded elephants, glorified with the beats of drummers-musicians alike, the colourful floats mesmerize the image of this festival, making it a memory to cherish once you leave this place.

Beach Vibes

Beaches in Kerala are undeveloped and free of masses. Varkala beach is one of the popular choices amongst locals, having a stealing cliff, and is lined with beach shacks and shops. The view up on the cliff is quite fine. Be careful of visiting the beaches, for some can be accessed only by a boat.


Periyar National Park is a massive attraction in Kerala Tour Packages and lies in the banks of a large artificially constructed lake. The park is filled with forests and vast wildlife, making it easily the most popular national park in southern India. The park is open in monsoon and offers wide range of eco-tourism activities for the purpose of natural exploration. And you won’t have to fear meeting Bear Grylls fishing around with the Prime Minister here, which can stand as a plus one depending on your ideology.

Mural Paintings

There are many colourful aberrations that can be seen on the walls of religious arenas, with histories dated back to as old as the ninth century. These paintings often depict scenes from Hindu epics. Find a way to interconnect their essence with the essence that your life presents to you at this time.

Haathi mere Saathi

Elephant Junction in Thekkady offers you a one-on-one experience with Elephants, where you can ride an elephant and bathe with one only if you consent-fully want to. The animals are not dangerous and can befun mate to spend some joyful time with.


The waterfalls catch the eyes very hard, dropping from heights of around 80 feet, resembling quite like the Niagara Falls during monsoon blues. The falls can be calmingly cascading in making you realise the worth of things in their pristine form.

Regardless of the ambiguity over its titles, Kerala barely disappoints. It is blessed with rare lands, abundant nature, colour filled festivals, exuberant culture, intense flora and fauna, vision shattering temples, beautiful mosques, magnanimously waterfalls, simplistic churches, hill stations, backwaters. 

It’s truly a nature’s delight. Sometimes one can wish to leave away from wherever he lives, pack his bags off to go somewhere where no one knows where he came from, and no one will question him about where he goes to. Perhaps a country that is for the old men. 

But places in Kerala are not for old men, for its beauty lies simply in the new stellar perspective that one may catch it with. But beyond that perspective, living an eternally peaceful life here can be a moral misguidance, for its beauty can be cherished only if it is limited in its consumption. Thereby come to Kerala, and live here for a while so that it continues to remain as precious as it will ever be. Enjoy the most memorable trip with your family and loved ones this vacation season. 

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