10 Free Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies That Guarantees More Patients


You can easily implement internal scheduling system; outreach using social media and develop practice to follow up with your patients. Leverage plastic surgery marketing tactics to increase volume of patients.

plastic surgery marketing


Currently, number of health care patients is on a rise. Also, with increasing number of cosmetic surgery marketing trends, and online database, it is easy to get proper information. Millions of people do their research online when in need of treatment. User search data includes queries like hospital near me, medical dispensary near me and doctors near me, etc. With growing market data in health care industries, it is essential to have a planned marketing strategy. A planned budget healthcare marketing plant will help you to improve your reach. In other words, to get more patients. 

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Perhaps you are satisfied with current volume of patients, in such cases, plastic surgery marketing strategies can power up your brand. A proper strategy can bring your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. There is plethora of reasons why someone decides to change his/her health care provider. For example, one negative experience, relocation, or dissatisfaction. There is no guarantee that your patient volume will stay the same for a long-time. 

Pro-Actively Planning Plastic Surgery Advertising 

It is always better to have a good marketing strategy in place before you even begin. Pro-actively decide plastic surgery advertising. Marketing and complete strategy will help in plastic surgery lead generation. Easy-to-implement marketing strategies is for doctors, hospitals, healthcare network, health practitioners, caregivers, and professional. To grow volume of your patient even more – you would need a bigger budget and help from outside. Keep reading and find out top free strategies for how to sell plastic surgery treatment without any hassle: – 

  1. Consistent Branding: First one first, when you become confident in your expertise then you next it is time to figure out what your brand is going to be about. Try to answer a question like what is unique about your brand? The answer could be simple, such as, family-friendly office, etc. Try to find at least one unique thing about your brand. Finding such answer will eventually help you to put out better information. Also, you can answer patient’s query faster and in an effective way.

Pro Tip: Take your time to figure out what works best for your brand.

  1. Online Experience: Many things have changed in past decade. Earlier having a website was impressive for prospective patients. But today, website is just a front door. Individuals/patients these days look for optimized options, for example, mobile applications. Put yourself in patient’s shoes and you will come to understand why social media marketing for plastic surgeons is on such turf. Everyone like convenience, using services of expert web designer will help you focus on better UX (patient’s online experience). 

Pro tips: Always have a ‘Contact us’ page on your website. 

  1. Responsive website: It’s important to have a website, but it is essential to have a responsive website. In other words, a responsive website can easily work on laptops, computers, tablets, and all smartphones. Today, mobile-first marketing is key. Every one-use mobile phone and therefore it makes sense to develop mobile-friendly websites. Another aspect of mobile-friendly websites and mobile-first marketing is that it is fast. 

Pro Tip: Even you have a responsive website check that if it’s loading time is less. 

  1. Website Speed: A plastic surgery social media idea/advertising covers prospective patients’ online behaviours. Today individuals, patients, and prospective patients choose a website/application that loads faster. Believe it or not! But it only takes 5 seconds to lose a prospective patient. You can test your website loading speed using multiple page speed tester tools available online for free. 

Pro Tip: While checking your page speed, also check your competitor website loading speed. 

  1. Optimization: SEO is a powerful tool. It is a far greater method as compared to any other promotional strategy. SEO works for medical industries as well and can help you to rank up in SERPS. It makes marketing and advertising easy/accessible to everyone. Have you come across an article or blog that had one phrase of work repeated several times? Many people rank higher in SERPS’s using this method. To be honest, it is a complete waste of time and effort. 

SEO (search engine optimization) involves using optimal phrases and keywords. Using correct keywords, you can easily improve your website ranking. Also, you can boost organic traffic on your website. SEO practice generally includes: –

  1. Internal linking
  2. Backlinking 
  3. Managing site index/sitemap
  4. Claiming business
  5. Google submission
  6. PPC and Display Ads: While SEO is essential but developing plastic surgery marketing strategies is another key to rank higher. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising with a managed budget and good marketing team can do wonders. You can invest in PPC, and ensure that your ads appear in-front on right audience. 
  1. Leveraging Social Media: The key to win hearts of your audience lies in leveraging social media in the right way. Relying on organic traffic can work for small-medium scale hospitals and businesses. But for bigger hospitals, you need a better strategy to leverage social media. What does it mean to leverage social media? Organic social media means posting photos, updates, and events on a variety of social media platforms. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to create your audience base. Using social media platforms, you can stay in touch with your patients. 
  1. Reviews: Patients reviews are invaluable. Asking for reviews about plastic surgery even ideas can help you feature positive reviews on your website. Sometimes, it is difficult to ask/ to get a positive review. The best way to do so is to evaluate each patient’s level of satisfaction as they walk out the door and inform them about space where they can write down their review. This is one reason why many hospitals have automated their review mechanism. The latest automated review system’s/machines are easy to install and they occupy very less space. 
  1. Follow Up: One of most overlooked strategies that fail marketing effort is poor follow up routines. Bad opinions of your practice and bad reviews can hurt your brand. You can simply avoid these scenarios by keeping up with your patient after they walk out of that door. You can leverage social media to follow-up with your patient and build a good rapport.
  2. Track Your Strategy: Lastly, a good strategy is the one that can be tracked. Moreover, a great strategy is easy to track. This year set your focus on best plastic surgery marketing ideas and select optimum ways to implement it. 

Wrapping Up

Avoid confusion and patient misinformation by building your online website. You can easily implement internal scheduling system; outreach using social media and develop practice to follow up with your patients. Leverage plastic surgery marketing tactics to increase volume of patients. 

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