100 Health Information That Everyone Should know

100 Health Information That Everyone Should know

It might be challenging to believe the information you read or hear about your physical and emotional well-being due to the overwhelming amount of wellness trends and purported health “experts” out there. But you can separate the reality from the fiction about your health by looking at studies and facts. And to assist you, we’ve gathered 50 surprising but real facts about anything from your body to your brain. These astounding science-backed health facts will blow your mind, covering anything from the strange sensation heightened by anxiety to the startling connection between your birthday and your demise.

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Here Are the 100 Health Information That Everyone Should know

  1. Yoga, enjoyment and disease are these three stages.
  2. Paralysis – Sodium is caused by deficiency.
  3. In high VP – Take a glass of water before bathing and sleeping and while taking a bath, add a little salt in water and take a bath.
  4. Low BP – Drink water by adding rock salt.
  5. Hump- deficiency of phosphorus.
  6. Kapha – Phosphorus deficiency deteriorates phlegm, the presence of arsenic is necessary to fulfill phosphorus. Eat good and honey
  7. Asthma, asthma – deficiency of sulfur.
  8. Cesarean operation – iron, calcium deficiency.
  9. Eat all alkaline items after drowning day.
  10. Eat acidic items and fruits before drowning.
  11. Jambhai- Lack of oxygen in the body.
  12. Cold – Drink black salt and ginger in the morning that drinks juice in the morning.
  13. Copper water – Do not drink water and drink water in the morning.
  14. Kidney – Do not forget to drink glass water.
  15. Glass is linear and has high surfastens. The glass has come from the civilization of the British (Portugal), so drink the water of the lotus, there are less surfastens of lotus.
  16. Asthma, diabetes, darker vegetation from cancer protects.
  17. According to Vastu, the more open space in the house where the mind and heart of the people of that house will be equally open.
  18. Traditions will develop where arrangements will be developed according to the climate.
  19. Stones – Stones are negligible with Arjuna’s bark.
  20. Never drink RO water, it does not keep the quality stable. Drink well water. Baris water is best, co -ordinated pod is the best for cleaning water.
  21. Always get up from the right side while getting up while sleeping or where the tone is going on, there should be a turn.
  22. Sleep on the stomach causes problems with hernia, prostate, appendix.
  23. East direction for food, north direction for studies is better.
  24. Obesity will be reduced by increasing HDL LDL and VLDL will be reduced.
  25. In case of a gas problem, start mixing celery in food.
  26. Sugar contains sulfur inside which is used in firecrackers, it does not go out after going into the body. Eating sugar increases bile.
  27. Venus does not digest fructose and every sweet thing of God has a fructose.
  28. Sleep is less under the influence of Vata.
  29. A person loves more under the influence of phlegm.
  30. Studies are less under the influence of phlegm.
  31. Studies are more in the effect of bile.
  32. Eye diseases – Cataracts, cataract, glaucoma, redness of eyes etc. are mostly caused by phlegm. Consulting an eye doctor can help you understand the treatment for cataracts.
  33. Vata-destroyed things should be eaten in the evening.
  34. Should wake up at 4 am.
  35. Blood pressure is normal or less than normal at bedtime.
  36. Exercise – Exercise after massage for Vata patients, bile people should massage after exercise. Cuff people should massage after bathing.
  37. The climate of India is of Vata Nature, instead of race, Surya Namaskar should be done.
  38. Exercise is not necessary for mothers who do domestic work.
  39. Sleep calms the bile, massages air peace, vomiting calms the phlegm and the fever is calm by fasting.
  40. Heavy objects increase the blood pressure of the body, because their gravity is high.
  41. The great scientist of the world is not good for schooling, whether it is 8th failure new or 9th fail
  42. The glands that are acidic from the body of meat eaters are affected.
  43. Oil should always eat thick, only wood with wood, milk should always be drunk thin.
  44. Cholesterol always decreases with peel lentils and vegetables.
  45. ​​Insulin is not able to enter the blood in an increased position of cholesterol. Blood sugar is related to glucose but with cholesterol.
  46. In epilepsy seizures, the smell of ammonia or lime should be smelled.
  47. In a headache, smell a pinch of nine and ginger juice to the patient.
  48. Eating sweets before meals does not cause sugar after eating sour.
  49. Eat salad half an hour before meals and then eat.
  50. Depression lacks iron, calcium, phosphorus. Phosphorus is more in good and guava
  51. Yellow bananas have low iron and more calcium. Green bananas have little calcium but more phosphorus and red bananas have less calcium orene. Every green thing contains plenty of phosphorus, the same green thing becomes yellow after cooking, which has high calcium.
  52. Small bananas contain more calcium than large bananas.
  53. All medicines that smell like Rasauli are made of lime.
  54. Lime is better for Hepatitis A to E.
  55. For anti-tetanus, give two drops of highperium 200 thrice at 10-10 minutes.
  56. For such an injury in which the blood has frozen, give two drops of two drops three times at 10-10 minutes. Put a drop of children in water.
  57. Thick people have calcium deficiency, so give Triphala. Trikuta (dry ginger black pepper Magha peepli) can also be given.
  58. Give coconut in asthma. Coconut is alkaline despite fruit. Give cinnamon + good + coconut.
  59. Lime strengthens hair and increases eyesight.
  60. Skin waste is removed due to reduced milk surfacations.
  61. Cow’s ghee is the most bile, then phlegm and aerial.
  62. The food that does not touch sunlight and air should not be eaten
  63. Do not put cow-urine extracts in the eyes.
  64. Mixing ghee in cow’s milk and giving it reduces the chances of phlegm, but by mixing sugar, it increases phlegm.
  65. Air increases monthly, women should sleep upside down 3-4 days, there is no risk of spreading uterus. Drink two spoons of native ghee in warm water in the condition of pain.
  66. Eating potatoes at night increases weight.
  67. Vata is controlled by sitting in Vajrasana after meals.
  68. Comb after a meal, while combing your hair, your hair should have comb teeth. The hair will not be white soon.
  69. Ajwain increases your air, which reduces stomach problems
  70. Use ginger juice or dry ginger if stool is tied in the stomach
  71. In the event of constipation, after drinking water in the morning, one should walk for some time.
  72. Walking the way, after tired after labor work or when the metal is hot, the right side should be lying on the side.
  73. One who takes the right side in the day and takes the left side at night, he has less fatigue and physical pain.
  74. No vitamins and nutrients do complete functions without the presence of calcium.
  75. A healthy person spends only 5 minutes defecating.
  76. Dakar is a sign of complete satisfaction with your food while eating.
  77. Fruits should be consumed in the morning breakfast, curd in the afternoon and milk at night.
  78. Never eat more protein items at night. Like – lentils, cheese, Rajma, cowpea etc.
  79. Keep the mouth shut during defecation and meals, do not watch TV at meals.
  80. During the menstrual cycle, a woman should bathe with cold water, and stay away from fire.
  81. The longer the disease comes, the longer it goes.
  82. The disease that comes from inside should also be solved from inside.
  83. Allopathy has given the same thing, relief from pain. Today, due to allopathy medicines, people’s kidneys, liver, fingers, and hearts are getting spoiled. When allopathy ends one disease, it also goes with ten diseases.
  84. Never add salt to the food item, blood pressure increases.
  85. Understand the rainbow to treat the colors, first purple, then blue ….. finally red color.
  86. Young children should sleep the most, because they have that phlegm trend, a woman should also rest more than a man.
  87. Those who arise after the sun release have severe stomach diseases, because the big intestine starts sucking the stool.
  88. The imagination of the body without removing the dirt of the body is fruitless, 5 % from the stool, urine, 22 % from leaving carbon dioxide, and about 70 % of the sweat comes out of the body.
  89. Wrong hormones are formed by anxiety, anger, jealousy, which produces constipation, Bawasir, indigestion, indigestion, blood pressure, thyroid.
  90. Use vine, gulkand, watermelon, melon, melon, dry ginger in summer.
  91. After delivery, the mother’s yellow milk increases the child’s immunity by 10 times. Children do not need to apply vaccines.
  92. Sleep in the skin by applying native honey in winter while sleeping at night
  93. Nothing in the world, we should come to use.
  94. One who removes his sufferings and removes the sorrows of others, is the entitle of salvation.
  95. Consuming water half an hour before gold controls the air, lowers the risk of paralysis, heart-attack.
  96. Blood pressure is controlled before bathing and urination after meals.
  97. After walking in strong sunlight, after doing physical labor, water consumption is prohibited immediately after coming from defecation.
  98. Triphala is nectar, which makes Vata, Pitta, Kapha all three calm. Additionally, after meals, pan and lime.
  99. The most expensive medicine in this world. There is saliva, which nature has precious to you, do not spit it.

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