A Brief History of Tea -Teas History by Region

A Brief History of Tea -Teas History by Region

Friends, the first thing about tea is that tea which is not the production of our country India.

When the British came to India, they brought a tea plant with them! And some places in India which were favourable for the British (where there is a lot of cold), put tea plants in the mountains and there was tea from it.

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So the British brought tea with them, there was never tea in India!

There was no name and mark of tea anywhere in India before 1750! The British came and took tea orchards with East India Company. And they put them for themselves.

Why put? 

Tea is a medicine, read this carefully 

Tea is a medicine but only for those whose blood pressure remains low! And whose blood pressure is normal and high tea is poison for them.

Low blood pressure is nectar for those who have high and normal tea is poison for them.

Now there is a problem with the British, they are still there and have been for thousands of years! All the British have a BP low! Not only the British, not only the Americans, the Canadian people, the French logo and also of the Germans, also of Swedish!

What is the reason ?

The reason is that very cold areas live in very cold areas! We cannot guess their cold! In the areas where the British and the people around them live, the sun does not come out for 6 to 8 months of the year! And if you guess their temperature – 40 then their lowest range! Meaning also 30 degrees below zero 30 ° 20 degrees! This temperature remains normally there because the sun does not come out! For 6 months, there is mist in the sky! This is the biggest suffering of these British!

Whatever will be in the cold area will be low!

You can also do and see ! Stand two silio of ice and lay down in the middle, BP will start to be low in 2 to 3 minutes! And from 5 to 8 minutes it will be so low that you would never have imagined! Then you probably understand how these British people live in such a cold!

Above the houses, snow, snow on the road, the vehicles get stuck in the snow! The government uses a large part of the budget to remove ice! So those people live in a lot of snow, the cold is very low, blood pressure is very low!

Now immediately blood needs stimulent. Meaning BP is very low due to cold! If you want to increase BP at all, then tea is the best in it and coffee is the second best!

So tea is very good for all those who live in a very cold area! If we talk about Kashmir in India, then tea for those people, very good because the cold is very much!

But the rest of India has areas where the temperature is normal! And barely 15 to 20 days of the year are cold! That too when the fog is very much, the hands and feet start trembling, the temperature is around 0 to 1 degree!

Then you come here for a few days when you drink tea or coffee.

But drinking tea throughout the year and everything is tea time it is very dangerous!

And some people say that without drinking tea, even the toilet cannot go in the morning, it is very dangerous!

So if you have a habit of drinking tea as soon as you get up, then change it.

Otherwise, listen to what is going to happen!

If the normal BP is yours and you continue to drink the habit of drinking tea like this, then BP will start getting high slowly! And this high bp will take you to the bullets again! So the doctor will say, eat pills to lower BP! And drink tea throughout your life, eat pills throughout your life too!

The doctor will not say to leave tea, he will say that if you sell pills for life, then he will continue to get commission!

So now you have to decide and live by eating BP pills throughout your life, then keep drinking tea! And if you don’t want to eat, then leave the tea first!

Information and .

You know that the stomach of people living in a hot country would have already been acidic! And the stomachs of people living in cold countries are already alkaline! And the stomachs of people living in a hot country are above normal acidity and the cold people have much less than normal acidity! Meaning that the acidity of their blood is measured and the people of our country have a lot of difference between the two!

If you know the PH scale, then our blood’s acidity goes around 7.4, 7.3, 7.2 and sometimes around 6.8!

But the logo of Europe and America lasts even beyond +8 and + 8!

So tea is already acidic (acidic) and tea helps in making their alkaline blood a little acidic! But the blood of people is already acidic and the stomach is also acidic, so we are drinking tea, so we are destroying life! So tea will increase the acidity in our blood further 

According to Ayurveda, when acidity increases in blood, 48 diseases arise in the body!

The first disease of it is the increase of cholesterol!

If the cholesterol is spoken in the language of the common man, then the increase in waste in the blood and as soon as this cholesterol increases in the blood, then our blood starts blocking the heart from the vessel of the heart! And then the blockage gradually increases so much that the whole vessel (hose) is filled and man has a heart attack!

So imagine how far this tea can take you slowly!

So please leave it!

Now you have made a lot of acidic stomachs by drinking such acidic tea!

Reduce its acidity again !

How to Reduce? 

If the stomach is acidic, then eat more alkaline things!

Because add both acidic and alkaline, it will be neutral!

So in alkaline things, you can drink cumin water and add cumin seeds to the water and heat it too much, drink it when it cools down slightly!

Put the lentils in the same water and heat it and drink it.

And a very alkaline thing comes, that is the decoction of Arjun’s bark, 40 – 45 rupees kg, you can drink it by adding it to hot milk!

Very quickly cures heart blockage and high BP cholesterol etc.

One more thing to note is that you leave a human and drink tea and drink the dog and drink it! Sniffing will go here and there! Offer milk, it will drink at once !

Dogs, cats, cows, birds will never drink the weed animal and will never drink!

And one thing that is favourable to your body will be within your 20 km radius! Tea or coffee in cold wheels hundreds of miles from your hot area is not favourable for you! He is for those people!

Nowadays transportation has increased so much that we can get everything easily! Otherwise, things favourable to the body will be born around each area !!

So you leave tea and keep your acidic stomach and blood healthy by consuming them more and more.

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