4 Nights 5 Days South India Tour with Goa

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Visitors to South Goa will be in awe of the area’s calm beaches, marshy mangroves, tranquil backwaters, spectacular waterfalls, antique churches, intricately carved temples, and prehistoric archaeological wonders. No matter how many days you spend in South Goa, the amount of experiences you can have there will never be enough. Here is a 10-day itinerary that has been carefully chosen so that you can experience some of what South Goa has to offer.

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Day 1

As you set foot in Goa, feel the sun’s golden rays on your skin. Whether you arrived at our paradise by car, boat, rail, or airline, I’m sure you’re fairly worn out and want to spend the remainder of the day unwinding. Well, the countless resorts and lovely Airbnbs that line South Goa’s coastline were created with the express intention of allowing you to have a peaceful, restful evening.

For the first three nights of this tour, we advise that you reserve lodging at Benaulim, Betalbatim, or Colva.

The best option is an Airbnb, but if you’re set on staying at your favourite posh hotel, you might want to think about the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on Benaulim beach.

Spend the rest of the day relaxing by the sea and enjoying pina coladas, port wine, or local beer after settling into your temporary residence for the next three days. Additionally, think about stopping by one of the beachside shacks for some delectable seafood and neighbourhood banter (and hopefully some live music as well).

Our top picks for beachfront dining include Rafael’s Beach Bar & Bistro, The Southern Deck, Pedro’s Bar & Restaurant, Johncy Bar & Restaurant, and Hawaii Garden Restaurant in Benaulim’s main beach, Trinity Beach (a subset of Benaulim Beach), and Mickey’s Multicuisine Restaurant, which is located near Colva Beach and can be reached on foot. Avinash Martins, an award-winning chef, runs the Cavatina Cuchina Grill & Bar, which is ten minutes’ drive from Benaulim Beach and provides great elevated Goan food.

Day 2

Every trip, in my opinion, ought to begin with as many endorphin-releasing activities as you can come up with. So, for some spiritual inspiration, take a journey early in the morning to the Our Lady of Merces Church (also known as Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês) on Colva Beach Road. At 7:45 or 7:50 a.m., attend a typical Goan Catholic liturgy in Konkani. And on Sunday at 9:00am, an English translation of the same. (Remember to dress appropriately and respectfully when visiting the church to be accepted by those who are attending the service.) The little figure of baby Jesus here, known as the “Menino Jesus,” is what I find most fascinating about this church. This statue is reputed to have magical healing abilities. According to legend, when a priest by the name of Fr. Bento Ferreira swam to the shore of Mozambique after being in a shipwreck, he discovered vultures circling a nearby rocky area. After looking around, he discovered a statue of a baby Jesus that pirates from Somalia had thrown overboard and that had washed ashore. The statue was then put on the high altar by Fr. Bento Ferreira, who was then appointed parish priest of Our Lady of Merces Church in Colva. In the following few years, the statue’s reputation for curing several illnesses led to the establishment of the Fama de Menino Jesus, an annual feast (festival) in its honour.

Volunteer at a nearby NGO for the remainder of the day to do some good.

Sr. Valentina founded Valentina’s Little Heaven, an orphanage in Colva, Spain, 27 years ago. She took time off from her work with the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary to establish a home for the area’s less fortunate people. Call the orphanage (Phone: 08322788433) to let Sr. Valentina know you’re coming so she can make sure your visit won’t conflict with any already scheduled events. Assist the kids with their schoolwork or their English reading and writing lessons. Play with them, teach them a song or a dance, and read a book to them. I’m sure your heart will melt if you tell the youngsters they are adored. If you wish to make a donation, think about making one in kind or visiting the nearby Infant Jesus High School to consider supporting some of the underprivileged children with their school expenses. If you’d rather spend your time helping our furry companions, stop by the Goa Animal Welfare Trust in Curchorem (Phone: 08322653677 / 9763681525) to interact with the abandoned animals or lend a hand with one of the organisation’s ongoing projects.

By 6 o’clock, get to Sunset Beach at Betalbatim to catch the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see. Enjoy the beauty as pink and orange swirls converge with blue and purple in the horizon. There is nothing better than a sunset because it differs every day.

Visit Martin’s Corner, a restaurant frequented by well-known Indian and international celebrities, for delectable food and live music by some of Goa’s top up-and-coming musical talents. The fish fingers and battered fried squid are two of my particular favourites on the menu. Think about selecting and devouring a lobster or king crab from the restaurant aquarium at the entrance.

Day 3

Take a short kayaking excursion in the Sal River’s backwaters to start your day. The Sal river winds through charming Indo-Portuguese homes and tiny fishing communities. You will undoubtedly gain an unusual and enlightening perspective of South Goa by rowing through the marshy grasslands scattered with beautiful lotuses, the deep bamboo jungles, and the thickets of mangroves home to unique species. A kayaking journey typically lasts two to three hours and calls for a basic level of physical ability. These excursions can be ordered straight from the business website, Viator, Thrillophilia, or TripAdvisor. After enjoying this lovely pastime for the morning, return to your lodging to clean up and prepare for the rest of the day’s excursion.

Then, proceed to Loutolim and join Soul Traveling for an incredible Royal Dining experience, which costs Rs 2000 per person and is really worth it. When you arrive in Loutolim, a Soul Travelling ambassador will greet you and lead you on a fun and educational tour of the town. You will see the Salvador do Mundo (Savior of the World) church, the home of renowned artist Mario Miranda, and learn about many local legends. The next step is to send a personalised postcard home from the neighbourhood post office, which is really thrilling. After that, you will proceed to the 500-year-old Figueredo mansion, which is home to one of Goa’s most powerful dynasties. You will tour the mansion, which even predates the Taj Mahal, after speaking with the family, admiring all of its treasures. The three-course sit-down supper you will create with the family and enjoy with them is the tour’s high point. You will be able to develop some priceless family memories and have a true understanding of how Goa was during the Portuguese era through this trip. Oh, and I should add that the food you sample will be among the best you’ve ever had.

Spend the next two hours seeing Ancestral Goa, an intricately detailed artistic replica of a Goan village created by artist Mahendra Alvares, to get a sense of what life could have been like in rural Goa hundreds of years ago. The sculpture of renowned poet Mirabai in ancestral Goa holds the distinction for being the longest laterite sculpture ever carved, according to the Limca Book of World Records. Because of a gigantic foot impression that is visible at the location and has a fascinating history attached to it, Ancestral Goa is also known as Bigfoot. Visit the BigFoot Art gallery to view the creations of up-and-coming Goan artists, and the Bigfoot Cross Museum to view images of the 1062 crosses from all over the world. Pick out some traditional handicrafts to take home as gifts by going to the Bigfoot handicraft market.

After that, go to Rivona to explore the less well-known natural laterite caves that Buddhist monks are thought to have used in the seventh century. A lovely step well is located near to the cave’s entrance. You’ll have the impression that you’ve been whisked back in time as soon as you enter the caves. Don’t miss the carved laterite “Pitha,” which is thought to be the seat of the teacher.

Visit the settlement of Usgalimal a little farther on to witness the prehistoric Usgalimal rock carvings, which are around 100 different figures cut in laterite stone over a 500 sqm area. These rock carvings, which date back between 20,000 and 30,000 years, are thought to be the earliest signs of human habitation in India.

It is preferable to tour the Rivona caves and Usgalimal rock engravings with archaeologist Savani Shetye from Exclamations because they are a little challenging to find on your own.

who is incredibly informed about the pre-Portuguese history of Goa and is passionate about sharing it with everyone. Ask the locals for directions if you do want to go see these wonders on your own, and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Day 4

Leave your lodging and spend the day visiting Sahakari Spice Farm, where you will be greeted with a lovely traditional Hindu welcome that includes an aarti, kumkum, garlands, a welcome beverage, and snacks. Learn about the various spices and how to make Kaju (Cashewnut) feni while spending the remainder of the day touring the spice plantation and agricultural processing facilities. Your guide will also show you how to swing from a betelnut tree if you’re interested. You can try out this ability as well. The elephant can then be bathed and taken on an elephant ride where it will splash water on you as well, which can be very calming in Goa’s hot and muggy climate. Following this, a tantalising lunch buffet with locally brewed feni from the farm will be served to you. Additionally, you can ask for the scheduling of regional traditional dance performances during this time for enjoyable entertainment while you eat. The farm offers a small market where you may go on a quick shopping trip and buy traditional Goan handicrafts, oils, medical ointments, and spices.

After that, travel to Nature’s Nest, a gorgeous eco resort near Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, where you will stay for the next two nights. Your accommodations will be in a stunning traditional mud hut furnished with chic modern conveniences. Once there, take a break, then join the campfire at the resort to meet new people and discover the local fauna.

Day 5

Pack your things and return home, or travel north to discover South Goa’s lone twin, North Goa.

I hope this schedule has motivated you to grab your belongings and fly to South Goa for a healthy and enjoyable vacation.

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