5 Best Internet Service Providers in Auckland

Internet Service Providers in Auckland

It could be time to switch internet providers if you’re tired of your poor, sluggish internet service. When it comes to the internet, you have a lot of alternatives, but not all internet service providers are the same! Look no further if you want to compare internet service providers and pick the best one for your requirements. It might be difficult to get the greatest broadband Auckland has to offer for you because there are so many possibilities and you might not have enough knowledge of Internet or broadband services to recognise when you’re getting the best value.

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The top and most reputable Internet service providers in Auckland are listed below. We created our own list based on this ranking points list to assist you in finding the finest Internet Service Providers in Auckland that are close to you. Finding The Best Internet Providers Auckland Has To Offer You.

List of Auckland’s Best Internet Service Providers

The top rated Internet Service Providers in Auckland are:

  • Stuff Fibre – features for families and businesses that offer unrivalled connectivity
  • Wireless Nation Ltd. – solutions for internet service that are adaptable to your needs
  • Kiwi Internet and IT – Auckland’s internet and IT experts
  • Worldnet – broadband package for both individual and business users
  • Voyager Internet – proposals for flexible internet service

Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre offers internet packages with incredible features and unrivalled connectivity. The internet service provider offers 100 Mbps as its minimum speed in Auckland, New Zealand. It was started to give Kiwis a better value, unlimited internet, super-fast speeds, and no long-term commitments. It has only offered the best to its consumers since it opened 16 years ago. They take advantage of fibre’s ground-breaking advantages, which let many people access the internet without worrying about its speed.


Address: Vocus, House Level 5/34 Sale Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
Phone: (480) 086-2337

Wireless Nation Ltd.

Having just been in business for two years, Wireless Nation Ltd. has already received the community’s support and favour. Tom, the company’s creator, partnered with local entrepreneur Bill Smale to expand and enhance its services. The goal of the Auckland-based company is to give businesses greater connectivity options, which will spur economic expansion. The urban, rural, business, lifestyle, and mobile options are available for customers to select from. Between home wireless and home broadband is the urban plan. Satellite and RBI wireless are included in rural internet plans. The company concept offers amazing satellite communication services, hotels with wi-fi, and commercial broadband. The lifestyle plan also offers the choice between a broadband-only plan and a broadband and phone package.


Address: 2 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland 0622
Phone: (492) 803-672

Kiwi Internet and IT

More than 15 years in business, Kiwi Internet and IT in Auckland, New Zealand, continues to provide outstanding connectivity solutions to individual and commercial clients. The internet service provider with a New Zealand base specialises in IT and internet bundle services for private residences and small companies. Its Auckland and Wellington divisions are staffed by highly skilled and experienced IT administrators, technical engineers, project managers, software developers, and technicians. Since they began doing business, they have provided services to more than 4000 clients. About 80% of the SMEs in the area fall under this category.


Address: 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023
Phone: (480) 089-4198


The personal and corporate connectivity package is one of Worldnet’s internet offerings. The personal plan offers the option of a landline or internet bundle or a standalone broadband service. It operates at an infinite speed using broadband ADSL2, ultra-fast broadband UFB, and fast broadband VDSL. The business plan, meanwhile, includes fast broadband VDSL, ultra-fast broadband UFB, and broadband ADSL2. Customers can select a broadband and phone package or just a pure broadband option. Auckland is home to Worldnet.


Address: 17 South Street, Newton, Auckland 1010
Phone: (498) 801-001

Voyager Internet

Leading broadband and communication provider in New Zealand is Voyager Internet. It is run by a group of IT professionals who are all enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and exploding speed. The local company offers supersonic broadband speeds in an effort to foster family time. It also hopes to continue being a dependable internet service provider for numerous regional companies and corporate entities. Auckland-based Voyager offers residential and commercial internet packages. The unlimited ADSL/VDSL or unlimited fibre options are available for the home package. The business bundle, meanwhile, provides a 12-36-month unlimited data subscription using fibre, ADSL, and VDSL.


Address: Level 3/5 Nelson Street, CBD, Auckland 1010
Phone: (480) 047-7333

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