Best Accountants in Auckland

To organise your company’s accounting, do you need a reliable accountant? If so, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of Auckland’s top accountants right here.

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We choose certified and seasoned chartered accountants for this list. Additionally, we selected individuals who responded quickly, had a professional and polite demeanour, and had almost universally positive client ratings.

They’ll provide you with practical and knowledgeable financial assistance. When you’re ready, we’ll give you a list of Auckland’s top accountants!

The best and most renowned accountants in Auckland are listed below. We created our own list based on this rating points list to assist you in finding the top Accountants in Auckland that are close to you.

Best Accountants in Auckland

Are you seeking dependable accounting services to aid in the growth of your business? We’ve put up a list of the top accountants in Auckland to assist you make an informed choice if you live in Auckland and need some expert advise in this area.

We concentrated on the accountants with the most training and experience who clients rated as the most dependable, helpful, and effective in the entire city.

The following accountants are quick to respond and put themselves in their clients’ position to assist them in achieving their business objectives in the most practical manner.

The best accountants in Auckland are now available to you if you run a small business or require tax guidance since you will receive valuable information and financial advice from these professionals.

Auckland’s Best Accountants

The top rated Accountants in Auckland are:

  • Johan Theunissen – Auckland Chartered Accountants
  • Greg Mason – Auckland Chartered Accountants
  • Eli Tagi – WE Accounting & Business Services Ltd
  • Richard Lockhart – Backbone Chartered Accountants Auckland
  • Ken O’Shea – Backbone Chartered Accountants Auckland

Johan Theunissen – Auckland Chartered Accountants

A highly qualified accountant that works with Auckland Chartered Accountants is Johan Theunissen. He received his South African chartered accountant certification in 1988. After that, he worked as a lecturer for the Department of Auditing at the University of South Africa. Before beginning his career in public practice, Johan spent 9 years working in the aforementioned educational institution. His relocation to New Zealand came after he made the decision to pursue public practice. In 2007, Johan attained chartered accountant status in New Zealand. He assists clients with tax preparation, business consulting, registered entities, foreign-owned subsidiaries of New Zealand companies, body corporations, incorporated societies, and audits of financial statements.


Address: Level 1/10 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Phone: (495) 249-802

Greg Mason – Auckland Chartered Accountants

An expert in accounting with a base in Auckland, New Zealand, is Greg Mason. He earned his bachelor’s in commerce from Auckland University in 1973. In 1975, he received authorization to work as a New Zealand chartered accountant. He has worked with both private and business clients, primarily in the financial management field. Originally known as Palmas Ltd, he founded Auckland Chartered Accountants. Greg is an expert in accounting, taxation, auditing, and business advising. His accounting knowledge includes management reports, transaction recording, accounting system advisory, and annual financial statements.


Address: Level 1/10 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Phone: (495) 249-802

Eli Tagi – WE Accounting & Business Services Ltd

Eli Tagi is originally from Samoa and moved to New Zealand with his family in order to take advantage of the country’s numerous chances. The seasoned accountant is certified in professional accounting, business, and management and holds a degree in business with a major in accounting and marketing. As a certified practising accountant of Australia and a chartered accountant of New Zealand, he is qualified to practise in both countries. Eli belongs to both Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and the CPA College of Australia. He co-runs WE Accounting & Business Services Ltd. from his home in Auckland.

Address: Cider building Level 9/4 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
Phone: (493) 789-207

Richard Lockhart – Backbone Chartered Accountants Auckland

Richard Lockhart has over 25 years of experience in accounting and taxation and is currently employed with Backbone Chartered Accountants in Auckland. He is a New Zealand certified accountant and holds a master’s degree in commerce. Richard has previously worked as an accountant for a Big Four accounting firm and a New Zealand Chartered accounting business. He is currently focusing his knowledge and experience on corporate accounting, helping companies both domestically and abroad. He was nominated for the New Zealand Young Accountant Of The Year because of his prior employment with a sizable publicly traded corporation.

Address: 9 Galatos Street, Newton, Auckland 1010
Phone: (493) 735-046

Ken O’Shea – Backbone Chartered Accountants Auckland

Ken O’Shea is a UK and New Zealand chartered accountant. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting. The Executor and Trustees Institute of Australia and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners have recognised the Auckland-based accountant as a Trust and Estate Practitioner. He has held positions as the head of accounting for a NZ Trustee Business, the chief financial officer of a bank with operations in the Middle East, the executive director of a trust company with operations in the Middle East, and the deputy CEO of Bermuda Licences Trust Company. Ken is a member of the business consulting and management-focused Backbone Chartered Accountants Auckland team.

Address: 9 Galatos Street, Newton, Auckland 1010
(493) 735-046

Ludmilla Oliveira – We Accounting

Have a new company that requires accounting corrections? Well, one of Auckland’s top accountants for this is Ludmilla Oliveira.

She has a strong history in charter accounting and has worked with almost every industry, from ice cream shops to steel fabrication businesses. She improved her talents while working at KPMG before joining We Accounting.

She is energetic, amiable, and skilled; you won’t have any doubts that she can assist you in achieving your professional objectives. She will also provide you with expert guidance on how to develop your business.

Visit their website to view their fixed monthly business package offerings. For a predetermined fee, this also covers yearly financial statements, tax returns, and business meetings. 

Address: 2/571 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-378 9207

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