Best-Selling Top 5 Room Heaters to Buy in India This Winter Season

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North India is struggling to find top heaters or best blowers this winter with record low temperatures. While warm clothing and hot drinks definitely make the cold weather easier to manage, a space heater is a perfect way to keep warm in your home or office. The market is full of choices for room heaters, starting with low heating costs of Rs. 500. There are also different kinds of room heaters to suit your unique needs, but all of them do one thing very well – keep you warm in the cold season.

If you’re unsure about which sort of room heater is the most fitting for you, here’s a complete room heater buying guide for you. The Room heaters are classified into following categories

Fan heaters

Fan heaters in developing countries including India, are the most widely used room heaters. The secret behind their success is that they are inexpensive. However, their portable dimension is another plus, allowing them to be moved from one room to another quickly. The fan heater contains a heat producing electric spiral that blooms the heat using a fan. They are strong enough to warm the cold air in a couple of minutes, but after they are turned off their warmth vanishes soon. The fan’s availability often produces a distracting atmosphere for fan heaters.

Model Power Colour Choice Deal Price
Orpat OEH-1220 2000 W White/Grey Click for Deal
Usha 1500 W Black/Brown Click for Deal
Bajaj Blow hot 2000W White Click for Deal
Orient 2000W White Click for Deal
Lifelong 2000W White Click for Deal


Heat convectors

Heat convectors are a common form of room heaters following fan heaters. They also have a radiator — similar to fan heaters. However heat conductors wait until heat is heated and replaced by cold air in the surroundings, instead of just using a fan to throw the heat out of the body. This offers more uniform warm air than fan heaters. Unlike fan heaters, however, heat convectors slowly carry out the action. They contain an air blowing blower, which also creates some noise. In addition, heat convectors cannot be afforded as fan heaters because they generate heat through the additional process.

Model Power Colour Choice Deal Price
Usha 423 N 2000W Black Click for Deal
Singer HC30T 2000W white Click for Deal
Bajaj majesty RX100 2000W White Click for Deal
Kerwa 2000W Red Click for Deal
Havells 2000W White Click for Deal

Radiant Room Heaters

Unlike fan heaters and heat convectors, radiant room heaters use halogen rods to radiate heat — without using a fan. These heaters are not appropriate if the whole room is to be heated. Rather, when you’re sitting near them, radiant room heaters are powerful. They are as cost-effective as heat convectors and are not major electricity consumers. However, the light they emit to radiate heat is often too bright too provide you a comfortable feel for a long time. For users suffering from dust allergies and not recommending using a fan-based solution, they still are a preferred choice.

Model Power Body Material Deal Price
Bjaj flashy 1000 W Steel Buy Now
Green Chef 2000W Steel Buy Now
PCM 2000 W Steel Buy Now
Vish 800 W Steel Buy Now
Surya 1000 W Steel Buy Now


Quartz heaters

Like radiant heaters, quartz heaters don’t need a heat diffusion fan. They use a quartz tube with a heating filament instead. While quartz heater has been on the market for quite some time in mass quantities, these are not particularly recommended if your children or pets are affected by the grill. Sometimes during their initial cycles they generate a scent of oil burning and smoke. However, quartz heaters do provide cost-effective in-rooms heating – much cheaper than a halogen rod powered radiant heater would provide you with.

Model Power Colour Choice Deal Price
Usha 800 W Ivory Buy Now
Singer 800 W White Buy Now
Bajaj RHX-2 800 W Ivory Buy Now
Maharaja Whiteline 800 W Grey Buy Now
Surya 800W Black Buy Now




Oil-filled heaters

The oil-filled heaters are the new big form of room heaters. These are the most secure but highly valuable choices. Unlike any room heater, oil-filled heaters use an electric power to heat and disperse the pre-filled thermal oil around the fins. This produces a radiator-like effect and produces heat that stays long in the room. The existence of oil renders a less compact and heavy solution for the oil filled heater. They take longer than warming up a fan heater or a heat convector. If you have children or pets at home, however you can take over the other choices with the oil-filled heater.


Model Power Colour Choice Deal Price
Havells OFR 2400 W Black Buy Now
Singer OFR 2900 W White Buy Now
Usha 3609FS 2000 W White Buy Now
Sunflame SF-995 2000 W Black and Grey Buy Now
Bajaj Majesty RH 13F 2500 W Black/ Golden Buy Now








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