5 Easy Steps To Get A Uk Driving Licence

how to get driving license in london

Have you recently relocated to the UK from abroad? We’ve put up a short guide to assist you with converting your foreign driver’s licence to a UK licence.

You should confirm that your international driver’s licence is accepted in the UK before we begin. Under certain restrictions and conditions, the UK will accept some foreign licences. For instance, EU licence holders may continue to drive in the UK until they are 70 years old. Find out more details here.

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The remainder of this blog post is here to assist if your licence is invalid and needs to be changed to a UK equivalent right away. Simply follow these 5 steps to obtain a driving licence in the UK:

1. Check Whether You Meet The Legal Requirements

In the UK, you must be at least 17 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s licence in order to operate a vehicle on any public roadways. A licence plate should also be readable from 20 metres away.

A UK driving licence can only be obtained by UK citizens. So, when you apply for your licence, you’ll have to show that you’ve been a resident of the country for 185 days in the last 12 months.

2. Apply for a provisional licence

On the DVLA website, you can submit an application for a provisional licence. Online processing will cost you £34.

You will be required to provide your basic contact information, identifying information, and addresses for the previous three years. You will have the option to provide your National Insurance Number (NIN) at various points to expedite the ID verification procedure.

Timing is everything when it comes to confirming your identification. You must physically mail your original identity documents, a passport-style photo, and a return envelope to the DVLA headquarters in Swansea unless you have a British biometric passport. Your licence will be issued as soon as these actual documents are received.

You can use paper forms if you can’t apply for your provisional online. Simply print and complete the D1 form from the DVLA website, then mail it to them. On their website, they’ll give the address and a tonne of other pertinent details. A passport-style photo, your original identity document, plus a check or postal order for £43 are required. ‍

You should receive your provisional licence three weeks after your identity has been verified, regardless of how you applied—online or by mail.

3. Learn how to drive 

You must pass a driving test to obtain a UK driving licence if you just relocated from a nation outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area. So, driving lessons are necessary…

In the UK, you must have a supervisor in the car with you while you learn to drive. One of your friends or family members may serve as your supervisor, provided that they:

– are 21 or older.

You are capable of operating the kind of vehicle you want to learn to drive. For instance, they must have a manual automobile licence if they wish to learn how to drive a manual vehicle.

– possess a valid driver’s licence from the United Kingdom, the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein for more than three years.

You cannot drive on highways if you select a friend or member of your family to be your supervisor.

Finding a driving instructor who has been authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is the alternative (DVSA). Here, you may search for local instructors and review their credentials. You’re in luck if you want to see the British motorway network for yourself. If your instructor’s car has dual controls, you may drive on the highway with them if they are DVSA-approved.

Remember that every vehicle you use for practise driving must have learner driver insurance. Before you test your UK driving abilities, make sure the car’s owner has the appropriate insurance. ‍‍‍

4. Prepare For Your Theory Test

The three books “The Highway Code,” “Know Your Traffic Signs,” and “Driving – The Essential Skills”—all of which are widely available in bookstores on the high street and online—form the basis of the theory test.

The majority of instructors will quiz you on the theory during your driving lessons to aid in your learning. By taking practice exams on the DVLA website, you can also gain a feel for the structure and subject matter of the exam.

5. Pass the exams

You must schedule your theory exam on the DVLA website once you feel ready to do so. You must input your provisional licence number, personal information, and £23 using a credit or debit card. The DVLA will get in touch with you and provide guidance for the next steps! Just keep in mind to bring your provisional licence card to the exam.

The driving test is the final step. Once more, you can do it through this page on the DVLA website. You will be required to enter your information as well as that of your instructor (in case you want to check availability). following selection of the test day and location. A weekday driving test costs £62; a weekend test costs £75.

The DVLA will provide you directions for getting to your driving test once you’ve been scheduled. Don’t forget to bring your provisional licence and verification that you passed the theoretical test on the big day. If not, you can be barred from taking the test.

After that, all that’s left to do is go on! Best of luck

6. Get car insurance

After passing, you’ll need to purchase auto insurance before hitting the road.

The Marshmallow Team is fortunately available to assist with that! You can save up to 45% on your policy if you get a quote straight from us since we will take into account any no claims discount or good driver incentive you have accrued abroad.

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