7 Ideas to Choose the Best Perfume


Getting the right fragrance is hard but customized perfume boxes give a more clear idea of what to buy because of personalized designs and information on attractive packaging.

The fragrance is the identity of a person. It represents who you are.

Ever wondered how a scent stayed for such a long time on some people and not you?

Signature scents are more than just gorgeous; they are your identity and calling card to everyone you meet and comfort for everyone you love.

We know that secretly you want to smell good for a longer period like others and it is today’s mission to find the best and the right fragrance for you.

Perfume boxes come in all the different, captivating shapes and sizes. Perfume boxes that will leave you mesmerized with their appealing colors, pretty fonts, and enticing patterns. These designs elements on custom perfume boxes help customers make their purchase but before going to the counter for billing, think one more time that is it the right perfume for you or not.

Understand The Note 

The note is an odoriferous element in a perfume or cologne. There are mainly three basic notes in every perfume. The first note is the immediate fragrance that we smell, it dissipates, the fragrance we smell is the middle note, known as a bouquet. It is the time when we smell the basic note, the real fragrance.

Do not commit to a fragrance until you smell the final note.

Learn Your Family 

Custom perfume boxes are designed in pretty patterns, colors, and designs that tell a lot about the family of the perfume. Family is a category that holds scents that belong to one predominant fragrance. There are four basic families:

  • Floral or sweet
  • Citrus or fruity or fresh
  • Oriental or spicy
  • Woody or chipper

It is important to understand which family scents you enjoy the most.

Be Versatile

It is kind of sweet to keep different fragrances for different occasions, seasons, and moods as floral and sweet for day time is perfect whereas spicy and oriental are perfect for the night time. In cold weather, stronger scents can easily be worn without overwhelming people around you.

Lighter scents are perfect for the summer season so it is important to take that in account while choosing a perfume. Custom perfume boxes provide such information on the boxes, from which family does the perfume, belongs to.

There Is A Right Time To Get A Perfume

Sounds weird! But our sense of smell is indeed keener as the day wears on and also in much warmer weather. It is better to go you’re your perfume shopping later in the day so that you can best smell the fragrance.

Paper Test

Perfumes have different accords to produce a harmonious scent because our bodies have different chemistry that varies from person to person. It is the reason that the same perfume will smell different depending on the person wearing it. Perfume boxes have small cards with them. Spray the perfume on the card and wait at least 10 minutes, smell it again. If it speaks to you then and only then sprays it on your skin because a perfume smell different in a bottle, on the card, and differently on the skin.

Do Not Overlook The Skin Type

Perfumes dissipate quickly on drier skins than the oilier skins. If you have drier skin then it is better to get highly concentrated perfumes as they have greater power to stay on than Eau de Toilette.

You can very easily go for Eau de parfum or perfume because it is always mentioned on the perfume boxes as they are highly concentrated. Companies get custom foundation boxes wholesale to create more personalized packaging that makes it easy for the customers to get the right information about the product.

Never Try All At Once

Do not ever try a bunch of perfumes at a time. It does not matter how persistent your spritzer is. Try on perfume on the skin, give it time and then try the other one.

Beside these factors, custom perfume boxes are now customized in a way that they make it easy for the customers to choose the right perfume. Perfume boxes wholesale are cheap that makes them available for everyone. It is important for companies to get custom boxes for their products if they want to create some distinction.

Perfume boxes wholesale are made from cardboard. These customized perfume boxes wholesale can be given every desired design element that helps in creating brand distinction, marketing, and promotion of the product. Perfume boxes wholesale are sustainable and adds value to the worth of the product.

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