9 Best Sites to find a right Hashtag for Social media


Now-a-days hashtags are everywhere. You can see them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Making social media work for you is simple, but it takes time to plan the perfect and top hashtags for your post.

With the hashtag tools, you can save a lot of time, effort and get the best results out of your posts.

By using the right hashtag related to your post has a chance to reach a wide range of people. By, this we can get a lot of impressions and it is reached to targeted people.

Best Sites to find Hashtag to your Social Media Post

  1. Hashtagify

It is one of the best site to find Hashtag to your Post. This Portal will help you to find Hashtag for Social Media app like Instagram & Twitter.

The main advantage of the site is if you search any Hashtag it will show the Popularity,  Recent Popularity,  Month Trend, Week Trend and full analysis about the hashtag but you need to login to get the full analysis.

And it will show that what are the top countries using that hashtag. So, that location based target is so easy.

  1. Sked Social

Wasted a lot of time on searching hashtags?  Want to save more time?  If Yes this is right Platform.

By using the sked social you can save hours every week on planning and Instagram scheduling, so you can engage your audience better with less time – it’s that easy

  1. Display Purposes

A very simple tool where it can show the suggestions related to Searched tags. The main advantage you can get from this app is here you can Scan your Instagram Profile and remove existing banned hashtags.

  1. Hashtag Expert

Once you provide one hashtag it will provide you 30 related hashtags. But it is accessible in the IOS app store only.

It provides you millions of trending hashtags over from 35 categories. The advantage is you can save some trending and favorite hashtags.

5. Instavast

In the name itself it is saying “Insta” which is purely for Instagram purpose. The task generating hashtags has become very easier with this app.

You can automatically generate relevant hashtags by uploading photo or URL or keyword. These options made people easy to generate related hashtags.

  1. All Hashtag

When you want to learn about hashtags in-depth “All Hashtag” is the right one. We can generate easy, fast & best hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Google & Twitter.

In the all Hashtag we can generate 3 types of hashtags (i.e., Top, Random and Live) so that we can generate related tags easily and this is having a great feature called hashtag analytics.

  1. Ritetag

It will give the instant suggestions for text & photo in Mobile and Desktop.  The awesome feature in ritetag is we can schedule remarkable post with instant hashtags, emojis, GIF’s and CTA’s.

  1. Seekmetrics

By using this tool we can generate 30 best hashtags for Instagram & Twitter related to any topic. For a free version you can 100 hashtag suggestion for each search and for paid version you can 1000 hashtag suggestion for each search. And you can which hashtags have been banned.

  1. Ingramer

It is a free hashtag generator that provides you with relevant hashtags through analyzing your photo, keyword, or link. It will provide you 3 Suggestion hashtags like frequent, average & rare. You can even learn popularity of each hashtags.


Let the right hashtags make the best impressions on social media. So, that you can increase the visibility of your brand.


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