A Quick Guide of Press Release Format And Structure

press release tips

Today’s world requires brands to create their own buzz. Consumers no longer wait for the morning newspaper to deliver their news. Instead, they are reading the news on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Press releases are one technique to manage the narrative that surrounds your brand. A consistent stream of noteworthy news, whether it be the introduction of a new product or alterations to your organisational structure, may make a business stand out and gain the attention of journalists over time.

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Press Release Format

With “Press Release” or “News Release” inscribed in the upper left corner of the page, the release should be written on business letterhead. Indicate below this the publishing date for the information. When anything is referred to as an “instant release,” it signifies that it is ready for publication and that journalists can use it as soon as they get it. There may be times when you need more time to acquire relevant data or would want the journalist to release the announcement at a later time. Use the phrase “under embargo till” in this situation, followed by the embargo date, which is the time at which the journalist will be permitted to disclose the material. Put the “immediate release” or “under embargo until” remark underneath the press release date. Always include a phone number and email address in the upper right corner for the journalist’s reference.

Use news writing strategies and a style when creating the press release’s body. Include a headline and, if you’d like, a subheadline. List the dateline first, then the summary lead. Here’s an illustration:

Press Release Format

A press mention can amplify all of your marketing efforts tenfold, bringing a flood of new clients your way and even taking your small business to the next level. Your marketing approach may include a combination of emails, social media, advertising, events, and other tactics.

Need proof? Beardbrand went from being a blog for beardsmen to a significant participant in the men’s grooming products market thanks to a single article in The New York Times.

But how can you accomplish it for your company? How do you get the interest of the regional media, let alone outlets like The New York Times? You may either write a press release to expedite the process or just concentrate on your business and hope a writer notices you.

What Is A Press Release/News Release?

A press release is a formal statement (written or recorded) that a company releases to the public, including the news media. Whatever we refer to it as—a “press release,” “press statement,” “news release,” or “media release”—it always refers to the same fundamental idea.

While the first paragraph should address the “who,” “what,” “why,” and “where,” the title should incorporate action verbs. A quote and clear phrasing should also be included in the press release.

The average press release is only one or two pages lengthy at most. In the end, businesses want to provide enough details for news organisations to use in their own story about whatever the firm is revealing in the release.

Keep in mind that press releases are public information and are accessible to your stakeholders and clients.

Therefore, treat a press release as a valuable piece of marketing content rather than just a way to get news attention.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for what should be in a press release, but the following examples should help you narrow your focus and choose the information that will best help you spread your news.

Make sure to structure the material in the press release using the inverted pyramid. At least two quotes should be used, one from the business or organisation and one from a third party (example: customer, volunteer, current or former attendee at the event). Put the boilerplate at the end of the document once you’re done with the body. Similar to the “About Us” section of a company website, the boilerplate gives information about the business or organisation.

The press release should be as short and to the point as possible—ideally, one page maximum. Do not break up paragraphs if it is longer than one page. Instead, convey to the reader that there is more information on the second page by placing the word “more” in the bottom centre of the first page.

Why You Should Write A Press Release

In addition to grabbing the media’s attention, creating a press release has several additional advantages.

  • It’s a useful tool you can incorporate into your marketing plan for a reasonable price, especially if you’re a startup with a tight budget. Given that releases are published online, you might also attract potential clients and backlinks to your website.
  • Controlling your story with a well-written press release is another benefit. You can express your values and draw attention to the benefits you can provide. In a crisis, a press release gives you the opportunity to comment on a story with your own thoughts.
  • By boosting site traffic and search engine optimization, publishing your story through a press release agency can help your conte the news on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Press releases are one technique to manage the narrative that surrounds your brand. nt marketing initiatives.

Sharing your press releases on your website’s news or press page is another advantage. This can help others perceive you as an authority in your industry. By making important material promptly and easily accessible, you present yourself more professionally to reporters who visit your site and discover that press releases are available.

Types Of Press Releases

Press releases are typically viewed as little more than a publicity stunt. Press releases come in a wide variety of forms, each with specific formats and guidelines.

A Breaking News

The most typical kind of press release is this one. The goal of news organisations is to break a story first. There is a wide range of topics that news outlets will cover, from COVID upgrades to cryptocurrencies, but your press release will be read because of the hook in your narrative. These press announcements, which might be one or two pages long, inform the public of the most recent developments.

Product Launches

Publishing news of your product launch helps spread the word and boosts sales for new products. This kind of news release highlights the cost, accessibility, technical specifications, and other important details about your product for consumers.

Acquisitions And Fusions

You can use a press release to notify stakeholders about the company’s prospective growth if your corporation is going through an organisational shift that is noteworthy enough to merit one. Include information about the organisations involved, quotations from the leadership, and details of the merger or acquisition while making an announcement.

Product Alterations

A significant product update is in the pipeline. Write a press release to share the information with the world. This resembles a press release for a product launch. The primary distinction is that with product updates, you should concentrate on the changes you made, your reasoning behind them, and how they impact the customer.

Press releases for events can provide journalists with timely and pertinent content for their publications. They are a fantastic method to advertise your event and increase attendance. Write the specifics in press releases for events so that they are understood by the public. To make the who, what, when, and where clear to readers, use bullet points or a list.

New Collaborations ( Events)

It can be newsworthy if your company partners with another business or nonprofit. An effective marketing strategy for both businesses can be a news release announcing partnerships.

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