‘Online Lagan’ Launched to Make Payment Hassle-Free

Online Lagan

With the aim of digitisation of land records in Jharkhand, the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms of Jharkhand collaborated with National Informatics Centre and came up with an online portal called Jharbhoomi. The primary objective of this online portal is to allow state citizens to access land records online, thereby preventing risks of land-related fraudulent activities and ensuring transparency in the system. 

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Moreover, users can also pay taxes or lagan through this portal, making it easier for them to pay the required amount online without visiting the state’s offices. 

How to Pay Tax or Lagan Through Jharbhoomi Portal? 

Through Jharbhoomi, citizens can not only pay their existing taxes but also check their outstanding dues. This portal also allows users to see their previously paid taxes. 

So, if you are a resident of Jharkhand and want to  pay your land taxes, then follow this stepwise guide mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit and log in to the official portal of Jharbhoomi.

Step 2: Select ‘Online Lagan’.

Step 3: You will see multiple options:

  • View Outstanding Amount (or Bakaya Dekhein),
  • View Previously Paid Amount (or Pichli Bhugtaan Dekhein)
  • Pay Online (or Online Bhugtaan Karien) 
  • View Status of Payment (or Bhugtaan Ki Sthiti Dekhein)

Step 4: Select ‘Pay Online’ to proceed.

Step 5: Provide the information of the property against which you are paying the tax. This includes names of halka, anchal, district and mauja.

Step 6: Type in the captcha and select ‘Search’.

Step 7: You can see the payment details on the screen. Use the online payment gateway to proceed with the payment process. 

Step 8: Finally, pay the required amount to complete the process. 

How to See Outstanding Payment on Jharbhoomi Portal?

If any outstanding payments are due on your behalf, check the same by logging into the Jharbhoomi portal. For that, follow a few simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit and log in to the official portal of Jharbhoomi and select ‘Online Lagan’.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘View Arrears’ option and enter the required information such as district, mauja, anchal and halka. Then, choose the property by searching for khata, plot number, and raiyyat name. 

Step 3: Type in the security code and select ‘Search’.

Step 4: The outstanding payment details associated with your property will appear on the screen.

How to Check Your Payment Status on Jharbhoomi Portal?

Take a look at the steps stated below to check your payment status on the Jharbhoomi portal:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Jharbhoomi.

Step 2: Select ‘Online Lagan’.

Step 3: Click on ‘View Payment Status’.

Step 4: You will be redirected to a new webpage where you need to provide a transaction ID.

Step 5: Select ‘Verify’ to view your payment status.

So this is how you can manage your property-related payments easily under one online platform. 

Before the onset of this online facility, office staff issued a receipt against lagan payment, which often consumed a lot of time. With this digital initiative adopted by the Jharkhand Government, you can now quickly get your receipt at your convenience. 

A lagan receipt is considered an essential document to prove your property ownership. Moreover, selected financial institutions may ask for such a document before approving your application request for a housing loan. Thus, getting it on time via the online facility will help you to apply for the loan quickly without waiting for office staff to issue it.

Besides online payment, there are other services you can get on the Jharbhoomi portal. This includes checking land records, accessing mutation documents, facility to change land ownership details, registry and revenue details, Register-IIor Khatian registration and viewing Jharbhoomi Naksha or landscape map records. You can access all these services through an Android mobile application and web browser. 

Considering all these details of Jharbhoomi, this portal indeed provides several benefits to users, which are discussed in the following section.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Jharbhoomi Portal?

Enjoy the following benefits of using the Jharbhoomi portal:

  • It allows you to see land records online according to your convenience.
  • This portal saves you time and effort, eliminating the need to visit a state government’s office to check your land records.
  • Jharbhoomi portal restricts fraudulent activities like illegal possession of land and ensures transparency in managing land records.
  • Availability of online payment facility

To conclude, the Jharbhoomi portal makes the payment of land tax easier by making this facility available online. Furthermore, you can enjoy other services from the comfort of your home and access the required land details before purchasing or selling a particular plot. 

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