Abhinandan Return !congratulations of victory in the country, beating retreat on the Atari border today

Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan

Today is going to return to India’s heroic dream and the Wings Commander congratulations of the IAF. But the big news is that there will be no beating retreat on the Attari border today. It has been canceled. BSF has taken this major decision due to security reasons. It is being told that congratulations can take just a few more hours to come. Though they have left for Islamabad from Lahore. After that they will be brought to the border. From where the congratulations can return to 3-4 pm. That is, about 2 hours of time left. It is being told that the paperwork has been completed. It has been said that after the reception of the congratulations, they will be brought directly to Delhi’s Air Headquarters, where they will get medical checkup.

abhinandan pilot

Although the news came in between that Pakistan wants to hand over congratulations during the Beating Retreat. But India has already sought to hand over to the Indian pilot. Now the news is also coming that Pakistan will not participate in the meeting of the ongoing OIC in Abu Dhabi. Angered Pakistan has boycotted the OIC by not changing its decision to retain Sushma Swaraj as the chief guest.

Pak PM Imran Khan addressed Pak parliament on February 28 He said that he will release India’s pilot congratulatory on Friday. But this means India does not understand the weakness of Pakistan. We are doing this with our own will.

Let us tell you that on February 26, after the Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force entered the PoK and destroyed Jaish’s terrorist bases. Since then, there is a stressful atmosphere on the Indo-Pak border. Within two days, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire 35 times. In which the report of the death of a woman in India, the same Indian Army has also been injured.

On Thursday evening, the Army, Navy and Air Force of the three parts of the Army presented a series of publications while exposing the lie of Pakistan. The same army also informed that they have full evidence of the air strikes in the morning on February 26, 2019, but the government’s decision to release it will be of the government.

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