Australian Youth Orchestra 2023 Programs

Australian Youth Orchestra 2023 Programs

The Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) is one of the most renowned and cutting-edge musical youth training organisations in the world. Our specialised training pathway has been developed to foster the musical growth of Australia’s most talented young instrumentalists, from extraordinary school-aged musicians through budding young practitioners to those who are about to embark on a professional career. To aid budding musicians, composers, arts administrators, and music journalists between the ages of 12 and 30, AYO annually offers customised training and performance programmes.

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How should I choose a program?

At various phases of their artistic and professional growth, the best young musicians in Australia are catered to by each of our programmes. Many participants begin as young as twelve and complete the AYO training track, while others choose specific programmes that fit their academic schedules and developmental phases. You have the freedom to select the AYO programmes that are right for you, and we strongly advise you to submit applications for all those that are qualified and open. Our courses range from performance-based to non-instrumental, depending on your needs.

Age 12–17
Start your AYO journey here! Practise and perform with other young musicians from around Australia for an immersive, intensive week of symphonic music.

AYO National Music Camp
Age 14–22
The highlight of the year for many young Australian musicians; gather with your peers and enjoy this intensive fortnight of orchestral music making.

Australian Youth Orchestra
Age 25 and under
Play with the internationally renowned flagship ensemble
in a challenging and rewarding setting.

AYO Autumn & Winter Seasons

Age 18–28
Study chamber music in residence with leading professional ensembles

AYO Orchestral Career Development
Age 18–25
Gain unique access to life in a professional orchestra
ASO Fellowships &
MSO String Fellowships

AYO Composition
Age 16–30
Refine your composition skills and create an orchestral masterpiece

Age 18–30
Take a peek backstage to learn how an orchestra runs.

AYO Words About Music
Age 18–30
Share your passion for music through the written word.

AYO Sound Production
Age 18–30
Learn the skills required to become an experienced sound engineer.

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