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Has staying at your home through the quarantine this year made you realize how outdated the bathrooms of your house are? If yes, then you’re way better than many homeowners that have no idea about what part of their homes should they renovate this year.

Making a thorough plan for the exact renovations you need for your bathroom and hiring a top bathroom remodeling company in Glenview IL as soon as you get the chance for it will have you on track sooner than you think. Here are some of the ideas regarding bathroom renovation if you do not already know about them.

Make IT Spacious

Having a bathroom in a tight place is usually a very offsetting thing, especially if you are claustrophobic as well. The only way to tackle that is to have some extension for it by remodeling. But more often than not, there is always something wrong with the layout and setting of the bathroom and you can get off the hook with low costs.

The very first thing to do to make your bathroom look more spacious is clearing out the floor space, the more free your floor is from items the more open it is going to look. Wall-mounting the toilet and installing a floating vanity are the perfect starters, and if still, you need more room then getting rid of the un-needed Jacuzzi is probably going to be a good idea as well.

Change The Colors.

There truly is nothing more annoying about a bathroom than a color that you do not like. Some odd shades of pink and even off-white contrast on the tiles give a very dusty and un-clean look to your bathroom.

Start by painting the walls to a bright and fresh color, and choose tiles with contrasting colors to the paint that you’ve decided on. This rids your bathroom of the monotonous tone that has been upsetting you for quite some time now and leaves you with a striking and attractive tone on the walls and floor.


The customization of a bathroom is a very broad topic to cover as everyone has their own preferences about what they want and they don’t in a bathroom. For example, having a reading rack beside the toilet seat is usually a creative thing to do as many enjoy reading and going through different stuff while answering the call of nature.

You may not even need to hire a Glenview bathroom renovation company to help you out with these. Customization starts from the simplest of things such as bringing in plants to your bathroom or doing anything that makes your bathroom more personalized and comfortable for you.

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