Beat The Heat With Blackout And Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Blinds

No more having to deal with UV rays and excessive light when choosing either of these options. Although standard sunscreen blinds are commonly used in households today, also consider the utilities of blackout blinds. Both have cost-saving options towards heating, cooling, and installation costs!

Sunscreen Blinds

Easy maintenance and a decrease of 95%-97% of UV light entering homes are characteristic of standard and reverse roller sunscreen blinds. By installing these blinds inside the home, occupants enjoy a colorful barrier between outdoor light and the coziness of their home. Using standard sunscreen blinds will reduce carpet, floor, and upholstery fading and preserve artwork longer! Also, minimize glares on monitors and screens with a click of a button when choosing a slightly more expensive motorized option, and installing motorized systems may require additional costs for an expert to come in to mount it properly. Motorized upgrades may reduce the abundant design options typically available with cordless sunscreen blind options, as motorized upgrades are usually only installed indoors. Yet, contemporary motorized models can be added to any SmartHome and be voiced activated with Alexa or Google instead of using a remote.

Custom or matching cassette headrails with a wide range of designs and patterns available to be sure to match any interior décor. Homeowners can choose an open percentage for selected materials, where the lower the openness means less light will be able to enter the home. Usually, open percentages will range from 1-14%, and standard colors for sunscreen blinds are ebony pearl, ecru, charcoal, chocolate, ivory, linen, silver, taupe, white, and white linen. Antimicrobial coatings can be applied to these blinds to prevent build-up of bacteria, mildew, and mold that may cause unpleasant staining and smells. Otherwise, sunscreen blinds are quick and easy to clean with household cleaners without the fear of chemical damage.

Blackout Blinds

Not to be confused with light filtering or room darkening blinds, blockout blinds are designed to block out light completely, which is excellent for getting a daytime nap or a good night’s rest, especially in children’s rooms and nurseries. Room darkeners will only block up to 99% of light, whereas blackout blinds eliminate the inflow of light 100%. An absolute blackout of light is also known to reduce noise! Therefore, blockout blinds should be installed in rooms where monitors and televisions are or where meditation occurs.

Other health benefits are attributable to blockout blinds, including increasing melatonin levels that helps regulate awake-sleep cycles. Scientists have also noted that blockout blinds decrease depression and metabolic dysfunctions! Maintain a balanced mood and naturally healthy circadian rhythm to improve the general health of the house’s occupants by installing blackout blinds.

Additionally, enjoy all-encompassing privacy. Sunscreen blinds usually only offer daytime privacy, unlike blackout blinds that always block out the eyes of onlookers. Comparatively, blackout blinds offer better thermal control. Blackout blinds from custom made blinds uk offer more designs, such as chic Roman-lined fabric. Otherwise, blackout blinds come in one bold and flat color, which caters to any minimalist look! 

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