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Best Honeymoon Places in India

When it comes to the greatest honeymoon destinations in India, newlywed couples have a wide range of choices. Everything appears to be brand-new, and what better way to begin your “new” life than with a vacation with your special someone? India offers a wide variety of honeymoon locations, making it difficult to choose the ideal location for a romantic getaway for just the two of you. It is usually a good idea to add some kind and affectionate gestures to such a happy moment in life. This list of the top honeymoon spots in India gives this journey called marriage an extra flare!

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A honeymoon is more than just a trip! Instead, it is the ultimate method to commemorate that perfect nuptial bond. Why not enjoy it in one of India’s top honeymoon spots? These locations are the epitome of romance since they give you plenty of time to get to know one another while sharing some special moments. You will fall in love all over again with every location, whether it be the ethereal beauty of Kerala, the golden deserts of Thar, or the picturesque beaches of the Andaman.

India would undoubtedly convince you to forgo travelling abroad because it offers so many surprises. You won’t be let down by picking this dynamic nation for your ultra-private honeymoon vacation. So why not spend an eternity on your honeymoon in these of India’s most romantic locations?

List of India’s Best Honeymoon Destinations For 2022

1. Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are among the finest honeymoon destinations in India, offering a wealth of beaches, historical monuments, and watersports activities. For the ideal sun-kissed honeymoon, take advantage of the gorgeous beaches and stay at fantastic resorts. If you want to escape away from the rest of the world, all you need is a dash of romance and a sprinkling of serenity.

Best Time: October to Jun

2. Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Lover’s Paradise

The best honeymoon location in India for couples continues to be The Switzerland of India for a very long time. It is clear why Manali continues to be the first choice for every newlywed couple given the charming and beautiful splendour it has to offer, coupled with the mountains that are always covered in snow.

Best Time: October to June

3. Alleppey, Kerala – Venice of the East

Kerala’s backwaters scream romance against a setting that looks like it belongs in a love story. All it takes is a trip to Alleppey’s tranquil backwaters to make you fall in love with the person in your arms all over again. A morning spent on a houseboat cannot compete with the usual amount of shopping or sightseeing that people do. Due of its singularity, Allepey is perhaps one of the top honeymoon destinations in India.

Best Time: June to March

4. Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Ladakh, which is tucked between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges and offers stunning sights to see along with breathtaking scenery, is undoubtedly heaven on Earth. Looking back on your honeymoon in Leh-Ladakh will be a truly memorable event for you. You must witness the sunrise from the Pangong Tso while you’re here. One of the most treasured experiences of your marriage can be camping next to Pangong Lake. You’ll always cherish the wonderful recollections of sleeping in the Nubra Valley under the stars or in a cosy homestay. You’ll be considering your own faith after seeing those prayer wheels that are popular on Instagram. You can converse with the monks and gain insight into their way of life. Rent a Royal Enfield and ride into your new life as a couple.

Best Time: Jun to Sep

5. Goa

Beach, sand, and sun. What better destination to celebrate your union than Goa? For the free-spirited, bohemian couple, this is the ideal honeymoon location in India. If wonderful food really can win someone over, Goan cuisine is unquestionably a winner! In India, privacy can be difficult to come by, but South Goa offers it in spades. If the two of you enjoy getting wild, you might want to make the most of this location and enjoy Goa’s nightlife. Goa is a hotspot for water and adventure sports, romantic resorts, and unique eating experiences that will entice all of you foodies.

Best Time: October to March

6. Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok, one of the most picturesque locations in the North East, has recently gained recognition as one of the most well-liked honeymoon destinations in India. Sikkim offers the ideal environment that is needed. It also has a lot to offer those who enjoy the outdoors; the honeymooning pair can keep themselves busy with activities like rock climbing and hiking. As you ascend the snow-covered slopes on the cable car, it can turn out to be the most romantic experience of your trip.

Best Time: Throughout the year

7. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The capital of Himachal Pradesh and arguably the most well-known hill station in northern India, Shimla is well-known to both honeymooners and families for its Mall Road, The Ridge, and toy train, among other attractions. Shimla is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India because it is considerably more accessible than the majority of the other hill stations. Shimla, Chail, and Kufri, all of which have snow-capped mountains, can easily be combined to make a 4- to 5-day excursion for a romantic getaway.

Best Time: October to June

8. Ooty, Tamil Nadu – Queen of the Nilgiris

Ooty, one of the most beautiful locations for a honeymoon in India, appears to be composed of white and green velvet fantasies. Hold hands as you go along the winding paths and allow yourself to be overcome by the mystical mountain mist you will come across at each curve. The romantic hideaway hill station in India, tucked deep within the Nilgiris, has grown in popularity over time as lovers continue to travel to this enchanted valley.

Best Time: Throughout the year

9. Munnar, Kerala – Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty Hill-stations

Munnar is surrounded by stunning, verdant hills that create a picturesque scene. Cardamom and tea farms surround Munnar, which offers great proximity to the natural world. Munnar, one of the popular honeymoon destinations in India, is a lovely location to spend a week or two with your special someone. With its pleasant year-round climate and some of the friendliest locals, this charming little town is also a very popular tourist attraction.

Best Time: September to May

10. Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir truly deserves the moniker “Heaven on Earth.” Couples can escape the city by sleeping on a cosy houseboat with lovely views outside and experiencing life on the river in a luxurious bedroom with cedar panels. The highest golf course and ski slopes in the world are located in Gulmarg. While you’re in Gulmarg, you can make fun of each other’s poor skiing abilities and see who misses the gondola rides! Try your hand at golfing or simply relax in solitude by the lakes or at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve.

Best Time: October to June

11. Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh – Little Switzerland

Visit Dalhousie, a charming small town with a hangover from the colonial era that will make you fall in love all over again. Dalhousie won’t let you down during your honeymoon because of the breathtaking vista that greets you every morning and the cosy temperature!

Best Time: Throughout the year

12. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling is charming and lovely, with its slopes of rolling hills covered in tea, orchids, and rhododendrons. You can try your hand at picking tea from the famed and beautiful Darjeeling tea gardens. The monasteries of Darjeeling are ideal for couples looking for spirituality. The Teesta river offers one of the best river rafting experiences in India, and it will be a thrilling experience. During your visit to Darjeeling, you really must go on a trek to Sandakphu, which is the highest point in Bengal. Darjeeling also satisfies your appetite. Local street cuisine in this area includes momos and thukpa. The hippy culture has led to a plethora of tattoo parlours in Darjeeling if you’re a boho couple or just want to be inked together.

Best Time: February to March, September to December

13. Lakshadweep

Relaxing on the beach is one of the best honeymoon experiences you can have, and Lakshadweep guarantees it all. Long strolls along the warm yellow beaches and romantic sunset swims in the clear blue waters should be part of the perfect vacation here. You may find a lot to enjoy in this coral reef-covered archipelago of 36 atolls. Surfing, scuba diving, or even taking a leisurely kayak trip allow you to enjoy the ocean’s wind on your face, as well as the coral reefs’ vibrant colours.

Best Time: September to May

14. Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar serves as evidence of why Kashmir has remained one of India’s top destinations for honeymooners for a very long time. A sunset shikara ride on Dal Lake is all that is required to create the right atmosphere. Visit the vibrant Mughal gardens to add tonnes of romance to your honeymoon!

Best Time: April to October

15. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

The magnificent waterfalls in Mussoorie are one of the city’s top draws. Here, you must go paragliding, take a cable car ride, and cross sky bridges. Trekking and camping in the mountains will be an amazing experience if you’re afraid of heights. In Mussoorie, adventurous activities like zip-lining, zip-swinging, and Skywalks are always a good choice. Adventure sports like rock climbing and rappelling are available to you. Take up fishing, boating, and rafting.

There are many possibilities for short-term and weekly holidays, including some of the top honeymoon destinations in India. If you need any additional assistance, please let us know in the comments where you’re planning to go.

In India, there are countless locations for a honeymoon, and each is charming in its own way. When you are with the love of your life, wherever you go, everything seems magical. So go ahead, choose your favourite location from the list above, and take a trip you’ll never forget. Don’t skip these Indian Valentine’s Day attractions.

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