Custom Vape Devices – Personalize your Vape and Vaping Experience


Having a vape device to match your distinct style and needs is as easy as walking in a vape shop. There are many different colors, styles, shapes, materials, designs, and functional options to choose from. 

 Today we are going to talk about how you can customize your device, what functions you can control, and some of the many other options available.

Show your personality 

When deciding to personalize your vape device, think about the colors and designs that you like. 

You can find all in one unit in many colors, and often with designs on them. For even more customisable options, a box mode device is the way to go. 

With a box mod, you get almost limitless options. 

The options with mods do not stop at style. Functionality, battery size and type, and even mouth pieces are interchangeable. 

If you are into textures and materials, there are devices with plastic, wood, different metals, carbon fiber, and more. 

You can even find vinyl wraps for your device — customize it with the design of your choice.

For more control over your vaping experience, find a shop that sells regulated mods. 

What you can control

A box mod devices usually include adding:

  • custom coils for the heating element
  • custom battery — built-in, sled, or compartment
  • circuit boards to protect the device from errors — except for unregulated mods
  • 510 connection to plug in atomisers 
  • a monitor to see vital information such as battery level and wattage
  • and buttons to control function 

With a mod, you can control voltage and resistance levels. This allows you to have a longer battery life. 

You can also control the heat level the heating element gives out for a better vaping experience. 

An unregulated or mechanical mod will give more power to the coils, allowing for a lower resistance coil to be used. These mods are for the more experienced vaper, though.

Another aspect of vaping that you can control is nicotine levels. There are nicotine free e-liquid as well as different levels of nicotine to choose from.  

Extras available

Just as you can customize the vape device, you can also get accessories to give you more style and function.

There are devices that can use a lanyard to keep your vape close by at all times. 

For more on the go ease, you can find cases for the device, batteries, and even little bottles to refill for small amounts of e-liquid. 

Some other popular accessories include a multitude of coils, atomisers, chargers, and speciality tanks. 

Want to switch up the colors of your battery? You can find battery sleeves in multiple colors and designs for certain battery types.

When you walk in a vape shop, you will be met with many options. 

Do you want an all in one unit? A box mod, customized to draw and work better? Or a multi-coloured design?

There are limitless options to choose from. 

Choose the one that suits your style and needs — or go in for some upgrades and style changes.

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