Eagles News: Quiet training camp for Nakobe Dean so far

Eagles News

LB Nakobe Dean: Through the first three days, T.J. Edwards, Kyzir White, and Davion Taylor have all had their fair share of outstanding moments. Dean, though, hasn’t yet produced any clear major plays. Due to his undersized frame and lack of outstanding athletic ability by NFL standards, Dean has challenges. At this point, he will have to rely on his intelligence and instincts. He will eventually rank among the smartest players on the field, but for the time being, he is learning two positions in a new defensive strategy, so he lacks that advantage. He could still need a splash play to open rookie camp.

Which Eagles player is under more pressure this year: Jonathan Gannon, Jalen Hurts, or Nick Sirianni? – BGN

You assume that Sirianni is safe for the upcoming year as well. He will have another chance to earn some of the plaudits he garnered last year after leading the Eagles to the playoffs in his debut season and an overall 9-9 record if the team somehow fails miserably this year. His flexibility is a strength; he demonstrated that last season when he reorganized the offense to take advantage of the Eagles’ strong offensive line and delegated play-calling to offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. So far, he seems to have a terrific chemistry with his team, and it looks that seasoned pros like Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Fletcher Cox have quickly embraced his philosophy. In his first season, the Eagles started 2-5, and he had the foresight to move midstream. Many NFL coaches get set in their methods, which keeps them on the streets. This wasn’t done by Sirianni.

NFC East Mixtape Vol. 68: News from the Training Camp – BGN Radio

RJ Ochoa and Brandon Lee Gowton talk about the top news stories from each divisional team one week into training camp. When Sanders was selected by the Eagles, I was happy. He had great talent, and I had seen him play at Penn State. Sanders has shown moments of brilliance, but he’s also been incredibly unreliable. Could things be different this year? Every person writing camp reports has extolled Sanders. He is in fantastic shape. He is motivated. In his contract year, Sanders certainly seems to be a man on a mission. It will be intriguing to observe if his dedication results in a successful season. Sanders has performed admirably so far. If he improves, the offensive would become even more deadly.

It’s fair to say that I have an old soul, says Jalen Hurts.

I guess you could say I’m an old soul. I’ve had it all my life, whether it be in the music I choose to listen to, the way I interact with others, or the way I carry myself. I am exactly as God created me. I embrace it and accept it. People frequently ask me what I’m thinking while they stare at me. He is quite stoic. I simply maintain that mental state because I enjoy it. I rarely lose my temper. 99% of the time, I won’t. The Philadelphia Eagles of 2022 are us. I’m not going to give it a name. We are what we are. We’re just trying to get better every day out there. We are not concerned about what others might think. I’ve never done it, and we’ll keep it that way. We’ll approach it day by day. My main message has been to take things day by day and to remember that dogs run faster and longer when they are hungry. It changes day by day.

Anthony Barr, a free agent linebacker, has been added to the Cowboys roster by Dallas – Blogging The Boys

Naturally, the Cowboys have been linked to this for a while, and they were big fans of Barr in 2014 when he declared for the NFL Draft. Barr has so far played his entire career for the Minnesota Vikings (though he nearly joined the New York Jets; that’s a tale for another day), and he still has something to provide that will benefit this squad. According to NFL Network, Barr’s choice ultimately came down to the Denver Broncos or the Dallas Cowboys, and America’s Team prevailed. It’s good to see Dallas coming out on top, and George Edwards undoubtedly played a major role.

Day 7 of Giants training camp: Kenny Golladay is back, Evan Neal is injured, and Daniel Jones is well again – Big Blue View

After a rough start to training camp, Jones has already had two successful days. Jones’ performance on Tuesday was evaluated by head coach Brian Daboll in the following manner before practice on Wednesday: “I believe he’s been performing okay. He is improving every day. made wise choices. Had a few mistakes, one of which was a timed route and a minor slip on the skill player. I therefore believed that Adoree’ (Jackson) made a really strong play. attack the ball effectively. We constantly make an effort to keep those to a minimum. But I believe he is improving. creating decisions. believing in his reads. There is still a way to go. What Daboll said he truly wants to see is sound judgment.

Jordan Matthews of the 49ers rips his ACL in an attempt to stop his roster charge – Mercury News

The diagnosis of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in Jordan Matthews’ knee has ended his strong attempt to make the 49ers roster as a converted tight end. During offensive warm-ups on Monday, Matthews suffered a non-contact injury while running a route. He then quickly left the field with a trainer. With 274 career catches as a wide receiver and nine years of experience, Matthews switched to tight end last year and spent the majority of the season on the practice squad. He finished the first training camp session last Wednesday by receiving a Brock Purdy pass with four defenders after him.

Nelson Agholor has “made a significant step” this summer, according to Bill Belichick – PFT

Agholor was signed by the Patriots last year in the hopes that he would have a significant impact on their passing game. However, in his first season in New England, he only managed to haul in 37 passes for 473 yards and three touchdowns, which wasn’t very impressive. Belichick, though, doesn’t appear discouraged and commends Agholor for working hard to put up better numbers in his second season with the Patriots.

The NFL will contest Deshaun Watson’s six-game punishment from the Browns.

Deshaun Watson, a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, was given a six-game ban by the NFL on Wednesday for breaking the league’s personal-conduct code. The NFL and NFL Players Association jointly designated Judge Sue L. Robinson as their independent disciplinary officer. On Monday, she rendered a decision in a case involving Deshaun Watson and the Personal Conduct Policy. The factual conclusions of the Disciplinary Officer are conclusive and cannot be challenged under the terms of the 2020 NFL-NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “CBA”). The NFL’s personal conduct rules were repeatedly broken, according to Judge Robinson, who suspended Mr. Watson for six games. According to the CBA, the NFL or NFLPA may challenge the disciplinary action taken by the Disciplinary Officer. An appeal of this kind must be submitted within three days, and the Commissioner or his designee will hear it. The NFL filed its brief this afternoon and informed the NFLPA that it would be appealing Judge Robinson’s disciplinary ruling. Who will hear the appeal will be chosen by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The most ludicrous sport ever is Russian Wrestleball, which blends basketball and rugby – SB Nation

Wrestleball includes body smashes, three-pointers, and wrestling matches for the first possession. It really is as fantastic as it seems.

The SB Nation NFL Show presents NFL University #51: Deshaun Watson Update, Dolphins Punishment, & Training Camp Storylines.

Welcome back to NFL University’s newest installment! Deshaun Watson’s sentence is discussed by Stephen Serda and Justis Mosqueda in light of a potential NFL appeal that could be made today or tomorrow. For interfering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton while they were playing for other teams, the Dolphins received a penalty on Tuesday. Jimmy G needs to be moved by the Niners, Deebo Samuel is paid, the wide receiver market is out of control, and the Steelers’ future isn’t looking great right now.

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