Earn $1000 Monthly By Creating Micro Niche Website in 2023

Earn $1000 Monthly By Creating Micro Niche Website in 2023

Hello friends, in present time there are many ways to earn money online. But there are only a few ways in them which will be better and safer for you. Today I am going to tell you all about the micro niche website. With this you can easily earn a substantial income every month. If you do not know about it then read this post till the last.

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Till date, we used to share posts related to blogging on this blog, so that you will know very well about blogging. It has become a very good way to earn money from the Internet. Today we are going to tell you about the micro niche website for the first time. If you do not know about it, then we will try to explain it better so that you can understand it quickly.

The Internet has become the most special way of earning money online in today’s time. Many people have joined this and many people are joining. Now there is no unemployment as before, the biggest reason for this is the “Internet”. Well, you can earn money on the internet in many ways. Like you can earn money by becoming a freelancer, blogger or youtuber.

For freelancing, you should have knowledge of doing something inside you. For example, if you have knowledge of coding, then someone else can hire you to develop a website. Blogging or youtube both are the best option for you.

If you are searching on a specific topic in Google, then there will be more micro niche sites. If you do not know about micro niche, then we will tell you about it below. Well, in making such a site, you will have to work hard for some time and after that the money itself will run after you.

Most of the developers make sites with a micro niche. Due to this, they are able to earn lakhs of rupees every month. Like any diwali festival is going to come, then the developer will prepare some interesting script about diwali and promote it in some way. After that they don’t need promotion, rather they get promoted automatically. Believe me, you too can earn lakhs from this.

If you are a blogger, then I would tell you to try making a micro niche site once. With this you will get better results than what you get from your blog. Those who work by creating a microsite once, then they do not feel like blogging. Because there is a lot of benefit in it.

When I started blogging, a friend of mine started micro niche blogging. It took some hard work to make it successful, but today he is earning thousands every month. In this, once your post comes to a good position in the search engine, then you will have to choose a good hosting for your blog. Because so much traffic will start coming that your site may also be down.

In this post, we will try to give you complete information about micro niche blogs. So that you too can earn lakhs from it. Let us try to tell you everything about it in detail.

What is a Micro Niche Website?

Micro Niche website is such a site that focuses on a single niche. If you have good knowledge of physics science then you would know that micro means 1/100000 part. In that every post is written on a specific topic.

For example, if you have chosen the topic of poetry for your micro niche site, then you will have to write all kinds of posts related to poetry only. Like Diwali Shayri, Birthday Shayri, Independence/Republic day Shayari, Funny Shayri, Love Shayri, Bewafa Shayri, etc. In this, if you write a lot of posts, then you will have to somehow bring the site to a good position in the search engine.

You can easily earn $100 every day through micro niche. Let us also tell you that initially you will have to work very hard to make a site on a micro niche and gradually you will get its result. I have seen many big bloggers that along with their blog, they also work on micro niche websites and earn millions from it.

That’s why if you do blogging, take some time to make a micro niche website and work on it. Believe it, you will easily be able to earn $1000+ every month from this.

How Can I start Micro Niche Blogging Website

This is a very common question which must have come in the mind of many people, so let us tell you. The first thing is that it does not take much time for the micro niche website to get ranking in google. Ever since there have been changes in the google algorithm, such sites have started giving a lot of value.

When you keep focusing on only one topic in your site, then Google will know that you are an expert on that topic and if you also write a short post, then you can get a place on top in SERPs. If we tell you the answer in short, then if you want to earn money by creating a blog in the shortest possible time, then a micro niche site is a very good option for you.

Let me also tell you one of the best things that when you will create a micro niche website / blog, then at that time you will need to work very hard and when you write a lot of articles after working hard for 6-7 months, then you will not be able to work in it. Earning will continue till life time.

If you are new to blogging, then I would tell you that you should do blogging on a micro niche only. Because if you make your blog multi niche, then you have to have knowledge on many topics and research on many topics. But if you create a micro niche website, then you have to have knowledge on a specific topic only. This will make you a lot easier and fun to work with.

You must have seen in any micro niche site that 5000+ traffic comes in it. Many people would think that micro niche blogs will not get much traffic from other countries, so I want to tell those people that right now you can get so much traffic from our country, so that you can easily earn lakhs per month. . Seeing us, the government has now started giving more value to the Internet.

On Which Niche Should Micro Niche Website Be Made?

This is also a very big point and for those who have not yet created a blog, it may be a big headache for them. That’s why we will try to explain to you here on which niche you have to start your blog.

To know on which topic to start your Micro niche blog, just ask yourself 2 questions.

  1. What is your interest in? 
  2. What is the popularity of the one on which you are interested?

When you find the answer to these two, then you will be able to easily decide on which micro niche you want to start your blog. Let me also tell you one of the most important things: in this you do not have to choose a niche with any competition. Like money making, seo, internet marketing etc. There is a lot of competition, due to which it is very difficult to make a blog successful.

You should start your site in such a niche, about which there are very few websites. By the way, websites will be found on almost all topics, but still you have to try to select such a topic, about which there are very few blogs. I am telling you about some Niche below, on which you can start your micro niche blog.

Best Niches to Start Micro Niche Blog in 2023

1. Any sports topic (cricket, IPL, hockey, badminton etc )
2. Books & Games
3. Musical Instruments
4. Weight Loose Tips and Exercise
5. Online Job Posting
6. Children’s Requirement
7. Insurance
8. Celebrity Biography
9. Seeking Work / Job opportunities
10. Animals & Pets
11. Shayri
12. Cats & Kittens
13. Real estate
14. Blackberry Phones
15. Samsung Phones
16. Apple Iphone
17. Food/Cooking
18. Festival Special
19. Honda
20. Jewellery
21. Watches
22. Health
23. Houses & Flats for sale
24. Hair Beauty
25. Bath & Body


In this way you can create a micro niche blog and earn money from it. Would like to tell you one more thing in the past that promoted your blog on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and many social networks. Because social media is also a big reason for the success of a micro niche website. If you put a post on social media and it becomes viral, then you will not be able to know from where you will go. That’s why do not miss the opportunity to promote your blog in social media.

Hope you have got answers to all the questions related to micro niche in this post. If there is still any confusion then comment. If you liked this post then do share it on social media.

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