What is IoT? Internet Of Things Trends In 2023

Internet Of Things Trends In 2023

What is IoT? How does IoT work? Today we are going to know about all these things. If you have heard about it before but you do not know what it is. Or if you are hearing about it for the first time, then definitely read this post till the end. In this we are going to give you all the information related to it.

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Friends, there is no doubt that in today’s time the whole world is dependent on the internet. Every person is using the internet in some form or the other. Whether someone wants to entertain or whether someone wants to do business. All this work is being done on the internet in today’s time. Today the internet is being used for every small to big business in the world.

As easy as it is to use the internet today, it was not that difficult in the 90’s. Because it was invented at that time only. At that time only big programmers were able to use the internet. Programmers and developers have made the internet very simple today. What we see on the internet in front of us, actually does not happen like this. There are trillions of lines of code written in its backend when we can easily use it.

Till now you must have seen robotic machines in many Hollywood movies. But in today’s time it is happening in real life. In the coming time, all the work will be linked to the internet. Today we are going to know about the Internet of things.

If you do not already know about IoT, then read this post below carefully. I will try to tell you about it here in simple language. Apart from this, I will try to give you more information related to this. If you still have any questions, then you can ask us in the comment.

What is Internet Of Things (IoT)?

The full name of IoT is Internet of Things. This is such a concept in which the things of the whole world, which we use on a daily basis, are connected to the internet. That is, the control of all the things we use in our daily life should be linked to the internet.

Appliances used in your daily life can be like this: electric bulb, fan, washing machine, coffee maker, air conditioner, mixer and many more things that you use. At present, to operate these devices, the switch has to be turned on/off by itself. But after connecting to the internet, you can control them through the internet.

If we understand this in another language, then the post you are reading now must be reading from a computer, mobile, tablet or any other device. Kheer, whatever device it is, it must be connected to the internet, only then you are reading after visiting my site.

Internet connection is a wonderful thing, it gives us all kinds of benefits which were not possible before. If you have seen the earlier phones, then you would know how different the earlier phones are from the present smartphones. You could make calls and read texts too, but in today’s time you can read any book, watch movies, listen to any songs, all this happens with you.

You can do all this after being connected to the internet. Now let’s talk that you cannot do this from the internet. You can connect the control of all the things in your house to the internet. With this you can do a lot of work with your hands even while sleeping. Means now if you have to open the door, turn on the TV, run the fan etc. you have to go yourself to do all these things. But when you connect these things to the internet, then you can do all this from your phone even while sleeping.

The simple meaning of Internet of Things is to connect all the things in the world to the internet. I think there is no point of confusion in this. The way you book a hotel, taxi or anything from home, IoT has a similar concept, in which you can turn all the things in the house on or off from mobile while sleeping in bed. .

Example of Internet of Things

You can connect your daily things to the internet and transform them into IoT devices. If it is connected to the internet, it will be easy to control or communicate information.

You can turn on or off a light bulb by connecting it to the internet. When it is connected to the internet, you can turn it on or off from any corner of the world.

You can control or view the CCTV camera installed in your home or office from anywhere. This is possible whenever you connect them to IoT.

How does IoT work?

Actually, it works on IPV6, whose full name is Internet protocol version 6, so now you must have understood by its name itself. Each device has its own separate IP. Through this it is connected to the Internet. There are many types of technology in IoT devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. is used.

Right now we will need some other tools to connect the things we are using in daily life to the internet. These tools will basically be connected to the internet, so that if you send any command or request from the internet, it will come to the IoT and then it will be able to work on it.

When anything is connected to the internet, it means both send and receive information in it. Now your phone is connected to the internet, so you can listen to whatever song you want or watch whatever movie you want. While it is not stored in your phone. It is stored somewhere else. Your phone sends information that I want this song, then when that song is played, data is received from there. In this way you can send/receive data information through the internet.

Through this you can control your daily appliances with the help of command. There are still many improvements in it or it is happening again.

What are the technologies that have made IoT possible?

The idea of ​​IoT was not from today but from years ago. But it took a long time to make them possible. Below we talk about some of the techniques by which this became possible.

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