Emberify: Why Should Brands Take Advantage of Instagram Stories?

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Do you know? Almost eighty percent of Instagram users watch stories daily, and more than eighty-five percent post them. Isn’t that mind-blowing? Stories are the most preferred and used among all the other features on Instagram. Why? Because it has so many user-friendly and effective options that people can utilize for different reasons. People have increasingly started using Instagram and its features for marketing their brands and services. So it is time to begin your voyage on Instagram if you are a business owner. You can also try to buy likes instagram to spice up your marketing initiative on Instagram.

Considering the user base of this feature, it is proven that it has had a significant impact on people. So it is time for your business to show your creative side to your customers using Instagram Stories. In this article, you will discover why and how brands should effectively leverage the feature on the Instagram platform.

Instagram Story – What Is It?

If you are an active user of Instagram, you might have encountered the feature Instagram Stories. Even if you are not aware of what it is, no worries. We are here to walk you through what an Instagram Story is and why brands should utilize it. Let us begin. Shall we?

An Instagram Story appears at the top of the app, unlike your feed posts. The Stories are vertical videos or photos which will disappear after 24 hours of posting. This feature lets you share all the special moments of your day. Also, the media file you upload will appear like a slideshow presentation. Users make use of additional options like stickers, music on their Stories to make them look more appealing and exciting.

Instagram Stories’ Functionality

The working of this feature is very straightforward. In order to get started with Instagram stories, all you have to do is the following steps.

  • Navigate the Stories button by swiping right anywhere on your screen or by clicking on the plus button at the top right.
  • After opening the camera, you will find various options on your screen. You can record your video or click a photo by clicking on the center white button. You can also upload media from your gallery by clicking on the picture at the bottom left.
  • With the options on the left side of your screens, such as boomerang, layout, and handsfree, you can make your Story more exciting and engaging. 
  • After recording or uploading your media, Instagram provides further options like stickers, filters, a music library, effects, etc., to add to your Story. 
  • Furthermore, you can download your Story or upload it directly to your profile if needed.

Only your followers can see your Stories if you have a private account. But if you have a public account, even your non-followers can watch it. So ultimately, it provides you an option to gain new followers. Also, you can opt for Emberify to gain more followers than usual. 

4 Reasons Why a Brand Should Use Instagram Stories

We believe that you have got an understanding of Instagram Stories and its functionality. So it is time to take advantage of it to grow and develop your brand. We have gathered some of the benefits you can attain by using Stories. 

  1. Promote Your Services or Products Effectively

If the platform Instagram is included in your marketing strategy, then utilizing every feature is vital. Because it will help you execute your marketing strategies more efficiently and attractively. 

Instagram stories have a wide range of additional features. Adding them to your Instagram Stories will help you increase customer engagement and sales. For example, using a poll sticker in your Story will aid you in finding what your audience prefers, more like customer feedback. Likewise, Instagram provides N options to make your promotions easy and effective. 

  1. Prove Genuinity

It is a straightforward yet practical approach. Using Instagram Stories, you can show your active presence on Instagram. Why do brands need a strong social media presence, and how does it matter? It is said that more than seventy-five percent of users analyze a brand’s profile before making a purchase. With so many scams out there, users take this step very seriously. 

By using Instagram Stories, you can increase the trust of your audience. How? Since you will post stories about your products and feedback daily, people will know you are an authentic and genuine brand.

  1. Speak to Your Followers

If you are a brand owner, you know how powerful customer engagement is. What if we say you can easily engage and interact with your customers using Instagram Stories? Believe it or not, it is true. Using the below-mentioned ways, a brand can communicate with its audiences easily. 

  • Interactive stickers.
  • Conduct polls, quizzes, this or that.
  • Activities like games and challenges.
  • Direct Message option.
  • Account tagging.
  • Reaction to Stories etc 
  1. Enhance Trust Using Stories Highlights

Your Instagram profile is the first thing users see when they visit your account. Since your Instagram Stories don’t last for more than 24 hours, you can make them long-lasting using Stories Highlights. If you need clarification on the highlights, here is a short description. It is nothing but a collection of your Stories on your profile. You can also personally customize your Stories highlights. 

For example, you can select the needed story posts from the archive and create a collection. This collection will display below your profile description. Also, a user can provide a name, add a cover photo, etc., to their highlights. This feature will help a brand enhance its profile and obtain customer trust. Furthermore, you can choose to use options like Emberify to uplift your profile and popularity instantly. 

Wrapping It Up

Instagram Stories may appear as a mere feature, but its benefits are numerous. Experiment and explore all the options it provides to find what your customers like. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are plenty of other reasons. As a business owner, you can gain new followers, engage with them, boost sales, increase brand visibility, etc., using this feature. So leverage it today to see great results. 

Which interactive sticker does your brand use the most on Instagram Stories? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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