Trollishly: How to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers?


Let us start with a question for you to answer. What ultimate motive do you think a brand has for marketing on platforms like Instagram? Here is a clue. It is the primary step involved in any marketing strategy. Did you guess it? If your answer is gaining customers, then you are right. With so many users on Instagram, finding a potential customer is an effortless process. Also, utilizing features like Instagram Reels and Stories has helped businesses upgrade their marketing game. Some brands even choose to buy instagram reels views in order to see instant growth in their strategies.

However, marketers still believe that if customer conversion methods are poor, nothing else matters. Since customers hold so much power, it is time to gain them. But how? Don’t panic. We have gathered some top-notch ideas to help you convert your followers into all-time customers. 

5 Ways To Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Customers

Since customers play the most prominent role in every brand’s marketing strategy, it is time to increase them. How? Using Instagram! If you want to know more, then read further. We will walk you through some effective ways you can include in your Instagram marketing plan to attain your end goals.

  1. Run Paid Ad Campaigns

If you are new to Instagram, paid ads are a great start. But, even if you are a business owner trying to enhance your growth on Instagram, go for paid ads. You may wonder why? Because Instagram paid ads are an excellent way to attract new customers. For example, let us say you are just starting on Instagram. When you opt for paid ads, you can display your product or service to users who are not even your followers. 

So automatically, your ad will provoke the viewers to visit your profile or even perform a Call To Action if they are interested in your business. Isn’t that amazing? Hence try running paid ad campaigns based on metrics like age, gender, locality, etc. If you are worried about investment, no worries. We have a solution for that too. Start your ad campaigns with a small investment and gradually increase it if you see good results in your previous campaigns.

  1. Exhibit Your Profile Appealingly 

Let us say your ads have attracted a lot of attention from users. Which page do you think they will visit first? If your answer is your Instagram profile, then you are cent percent correct. So ensuring your profile is optimized up to the standard is very vital. The optimizing process of your profile includes the following factors.

Relevant Username

The username is what identifies your brand. So please select a name relevant to your business niche and use it in all social media profiles. Now with that name, your users can find you easily on any marketing platform. 

Profile Picture 

Having your company logo or a standard profile picture in all mediums is essential. Because photos have more capturing power than words, so set your profile picture accordingly.

Catchy Bio

Bio is a small space where a brand can add things like a website link, affiliate link, contact details, catchy phrases, or even quotes. Instead of random stuff on your bio, add something related to your business.

Follow Common Aesthetic 

Instagram provides a grid-like structure to your profile which makes it look better. So avoid posting random posts. Instead, try uploading media with a common aesthetic. 

Since the Instagram profile is the first thing a user sees, making it more attractive is crucial. It helps you convert your visitors into customers. Also, you can opt for options like Trollishly to increase your follower base instantly. 

  1. Increase Involvement

If you aim to convert followers into customers, your primary focus should be increasing your involvement. Why? Because users will become customers for brands that are more consistent or productive. That is, if your posts are inconsistent or just random, then there will be no leads or conversions. It doesn’t mean you have to post ten times a day. All you have to do is dedicate a few hours a day. Plan your social media marketing strategies consequently to attract leads. 

For example, try this. Instead of copying ideas from other creators, try something new and be a trendsetter. If you feel that is difficult, try this—research what is new or trending right now and make content aptly. 

  1. Tempt Your followers 

Another great way to turn your followers into customers is through offers or giveaways. You can persuade your followers into loyal customers through this idea. Leverage features like Instagram Stories, Reels, or Live to make announcements about it. 

It can be a small giveaway or a big hot sale. These are not just offers to generate leads but through which your followers will buy from you repeatedly. So always remember to make your offers or giveaways interesting and exciting. 

  1. Engage More With Your Followers

Brands can generate conversions effectively through engaging. How? By interacting with your followers, you will get to know them better. Eventually, you will create content that your followers want. In the end, it will automatically result in your followers becoming your potential customers. It is that simple. So start interacting with your followers. Instagram provides broad options for brands to engage with their followers. Such as

  • Direct messages.
  • Instagram Stickers like polls, stickers, quizzes, etc.
  • Instagram Live.
  • Comment section and many more.

By using all the communication modes, brands can easily communicate with their followers. Through constant engagement, converting followers into customers becomes effortless. Furthermore, you can also use Trollishly to enhance customer engagement with your profile. 

Final Note

As mentioned earlier, other methodologies will only work if your conversion ideas are above the bar. So plan your marketing strategies, provide what your followers seek, and add CTAs wherever possible to increase customer percent. 

Next, make your customers feel connected with your brand so they can be loyal until the end. Then, include all the above tricks in your brand marketing on Instagram to see significant conversions. Lastly, encourage your followers to participate in your conversion plan to reap the benefits. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any other ideas to share.

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