FAQs Related To Your Purchase Of Winter Tyres Blackburn


No snow angel is going to come and give you its hand if you get stuck in the snow. Safety comes first. When you can’t tolerate winters without gloves, high boots, and woollen wear, then how can you make your car survive the cold weather without winter certified tyres. Without taking much of your time, let’s get to the point and answer the possible question that might strike you when deciding to buy winter specialist tyres for your car:

1. Why should I buy winter tyres, if my summer tyres are in good condition?

Winter tyres emerged to confront the winter challenges. The grooves, treads, sipes, and other specifications are deliberately designed to provide better traction, aquaplaning, grip, fuel efficiency, braking performance, rolling resistance, and handling. Winter tyres are made of natural rubber which remains soft when the temperature falls below 7-degree c while summer tyres have a harder rubber compound.

2. Are all winter tyres expensive?

Basis the price and features, the winter tyres have been divided into 3 classes – economy, mid-range, and premium. Quality comes at a cost. The more you move on the higher side, the lesser you have to compromise on quality and safety features. So if your budget doesn’t allow you to choose premium tyres, it’s better to go midway. Mid-range tyres are quite common in use and have the largest share in the tyre market. These are offered by few of the world’s leading brands and are priced slightly lower than premium category. However, if performance tops your list of priorities, then the premium tyre is the best option.

3. How to judge a winter tyre’s performance?

Whether you buy economy, mid-range, or premium class tyres, no tyre will perform if it is not bought to meet your as well as your vehicle’s needs. Even the best winter tyre could hold your vehicle back from performing if it’s not matching the vehicle it has been fitted to. Read your current tyre’s sidewall or follow your car’s manual and tell the correct size, speed rating, aspect ratio, and load rating to your tyre dealer. Besides telling your budget, you also need to tell her/him about your driving behaviour and surroundings, including weather and road conditions. Your priorities also play a major role in selecting the perfect tyre for you, for instance, fuel efficiency, good looks, price, vehicle usage, noise efficiency, aquaplaning, and wet or dry performance while braking. Remember, the right tyre is the best performer tyre.

4. My pocket doesn’t allow me to spend on an extra set of tyres, do I have other alternatives?

If winter tyres fail to convince you into buying them at an additional cost, the all-season tyres come into picture. The name itself is self-explanatory. These tyres don’t need to be changed as the season changes. All-weather tyres have the attributes of both summer as well as winter tyres and perform far better than summer tyres in winters. Additionally, tyre socks and snow chains are few other alternatives for the motorists who neither want to invest in winter tyres nor all-season tyres.

5. Where should I store my winter tyres as I have only limited place, with no garage or shed?

You can get convenient storage for your spare tyres in a tyre hotel if you don’t have a place where you can keep them under optimal conditions. They may charge you around £7 per tyre for one season.

6. Where can I buy my winter tyres at a reasonable price in Blackburn?

You have many options to choose from when it comes to buying your tyres. These options include dealers, retailers, wholesalers, and online purchase. However, Nil’s Tyre Services is the right place, if you need dedicated attention and expert advice on selecting the right set of Winter Tyres Blackburn for your vehicle. We are one of the leading tyre companies in Blackburn, dealing in popular brands only in exclusive ranges and categories. Our USP is affordable prices, and quality service is matchless.

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