Florida Mangrove Trimming Rules You Must Know Before You Trim One


Mangroves have and always will be the pride of Florida. Protecting South Florida’s ecology and economy since ages, mangroves have been supporting the habitat and food chains of several species of birds, fishes, and wildlife. However, with the changing landscapes of this sunshine state, protecting mangroves have become extremely important to ensure that this state doesn’t lose out on its wide array of animal species. So, if you have mangroves surrounding your property and you’re wondering if you can trim mangroves, this article is designed specifically for you. The state of Florida has established specific Florida mangrove trimming rules, and when you abide by them, you save yourself the trouble of attracting unnecessary mangrove trimming fines. Read on.

Florida Mangrove Trimming Rules

The 1996 MTPA (Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act) sets specific guidelines for the Florida Department of Environment Regulation. Under this act, you need to adhere to specific rules and regulations, so you do not incur unwanted mangrove trimming fines.

  • Regulations

As per the Florida mangrove trimming rules, the MTPA has established a specific height limit below which the mangrove cannot be trimmed. This is to ensure that the health of the tree, along with the various species of birds and animals are protected at the same time. For instance, mangroves cannot be trimmed lower than the height of 6 feet measured from the ground surface. Excluding certain government or historically established monuments, all property owners need to abide by this regulation. Further, to avoid mangrove trimming fines, an ERP (Environment Resource Permit) ought to be taken.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Florida mangrove trimming rules also state that it is mandatory for all property owners involved in the tree trimming of mangroves to take before and after trimming photos, and every party is liable to abide by these rules and regulations of MTPA unless stated otherwise.

  • Professional Mangrove Trimmers

As per the Tampa mangrove trimming rules, to avoid mangrove trimming fines, you can trim mangroves with the assistance of PMTs (Professional Mangrove Trimmers). The MTPA considers the PMT to be the most qualified trimmers of mangroves who ensure that the least amount of damage sustains the trees while trimming. Panorama Tree Care Services is one such professional mangrove trimmers in Tampa, Florida, whose ISA certified arborists will club in their years of expertise and experience to ensure that the mangroves are pruned and preserved most healthily, thereby protecting the natural environment at all times.

  • Trimming Styles

Florida mangrove trimming rules also highlight specific precautionary measures and words of caution while attempting to trim mangroves. Although you can trim mangroves in various ways, to protect and sustain the health of the tree to the maximum, make sure that you go through the guidelines provided by MTPA. Additionally, you can also thoroughly question the PMTs at Panorama Tree Care Services to know all about how they proceed with trimming the mangroves. Contact PMTs today and know all there is to know about mangrove trimmings.

Trimming Styles to Avoid Mangrove Trimming Fines

Before you decide on trimming your mangroves, do make sure that you abide by the Florida mangrove trimming rules to avoid any form of mangrove trimming fines. Have a look.


  • Windowing

Windowing is a trimming method, wherein, a view through large trees can be obtained by removing individual limbs on the lower or middle part of the tree. Since the bottom height of the window cannot be below 6 feet as per the Florida mangrove trimming rules set by MTPA, your PMTs at Panorama Tree Care will often advise the opening of the window to be no more than 1/5th of the canopy for larger trees, and no more than 1/3rd for smaller ones. This will aid in maintaining adequate shade, windbreak, and privacy.

  • Hedging

The Florida mangrove trimming rules do not recommend hedging for either mature black mangroves or red mangroves. For remaining types of mangroves like white and buttonwood, the height of 6 feet has to be maintained at all times unless specified otherwise or sought appropriate permissions for.

  • Undercutting

Undercutting is a method wherein the lower portion of the tree is trimmed. This method is allowed on mangroves as long as defoliation does not occur. In a mangrove that is below the height of 6 feet, undercutting cannot be allowed as per the Florida mangrove trimming rules unless an ERP permit is obtained before proceeding with any form of altercation. MTPA also recommends avoiding the frequent trimming of mangroves in areas that are poorly flushed. To seek complete guidance on Florida mangrove trimming rules, and how to prevent mangrove trimming fines, talk to the experts at Panorama Tree Care Services.

Can you Trim Mangroves without the help of Professional Mangrove Trimmers?


Since mangroves are protected by the 1996 MTPA (Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act), the Florida mangrove trimming rules always recommends seeking the help of PMTs for trimming and pruning mangroves. By doing so, you play a small part in ensuring that Florida’s southern shorelines are protected, your home is protected from storm or wind damage, you provide shelter and food to marine life, and most importantly, you increase the productivity of coastal waters. A small price to pay for the protection of the environment, isn’t it?!

To sum up, if you’re living in Tampa or the surrounding regions in Florida, and have mangroves growing around your property, contact the Professional Mangrove Trimmers (PMT) at Panorama Tree Care Services today and let their ISA certified arborists prune your trees with utmost professionalism, so you never have to incur mangrove trimming fines. Let Panorama Tree Care help you maintain the health of your mangroves and restore the view of your property in no time!

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