General USA Games Timeline & Selection Process

General USA Games Timeline & Selection Process

Choosing competitors for the USA or the World Games. On a rotating basis, the Special Olympics conducts higher level competitions in practically all sports.

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Every four years, the USA Games feature competition in all summer sports. The USA Games do not feature any winter sports. the 2006 USA Games. The following USA Games will take place in Orlando, Florida, in 2022. Minnesota sponsors its own delegation to the USA Games and picks all of the participants and coaches.

Every two years, alternating between summer and winter sports, the World Games are held. The following World Winter Games will take place in Sweden in 2021, and the following World Summer Games will take place in Berlin, Germany, in 2023. Minnesota only chooses athletes to represent the state in the World Games because it is a part of the greater USA delegation. The USA Management Team oversees the application process used to choose coaches.

No matter how fierce the competition, the deadlines and selection procedure are very standard. However, there are other procedures and layers of the Special Olympics organisation involved. The typical deadlines for higher stages of competition are listed below.

Two Years In Advance

Sports and the number of competitors each sport can host are determined by the host location. Then, countries and/or states submit quota requests based on a variety of criteria, such as the levels of participation in sports that are accessible, the last time a sport was represented at a higher level of competition, and the availability of financial resources to support the quota request.

A Year Or Two Beforehand

Countries or governments are informed of the details of their quota allocation, which may include the sports, the number of athletes, the gender, and occasionally the skill level of the athletes.

The person who will represent state programmes is then chosen. Usually, in order to qualify for a sport, competitors must train, compete, and win a gold medal in the qualifying event. The state tournament held a year before the USA or World Games serves as the qualifying event most often, though registration deadlines occasionally cause this to alter.

Through their Head of Delegation, competitors who are qualified to apply will be informed of the opportunity and application procedure. There will be deadlines and application forms that need to be filled out and submitted. Staff from Special Olympics Minnesota will contact each applicant after the application deadline has passed.

All applicants who satisfied the prerequisites mentioned in the application procedure are randomly chosen for final selection in each sport.

The Year Before The Games

Athletes agree to follow the training regimen that their more experienced instructor recommends. Athletes must participate in the state level tournament for which they have been drawn as well as local training in the relevant sport.

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