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Perhaps you came across this site when jumping through Americana articles or while getting to know a new favourite roots musician. You’re where you need to be, no matter what brought you here! Greetings from No Depression.

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No Depression is an American roots music publication that falls under the purview of the FreshGrass Foundation, a non-profit that promotes grassroots music, primarily through the biannual FreshGrass festivals held in North Adams, Massachusetts, in September, and Bentonville, Arkansas, in May.

The name “No Depression” originated in the early years of American country music before making its way to the header of this website. The phrase, which was taken from the Carter Family song “No Depression (In Heaven),” was adopted by Uncle Tupelo as the name of their 1990 album, and it quickly became associated with the alt-country subgenre. Since its start as a roots music journal in 1995, No Depression has stayed steadfast in its dedication to bridging the present with the future.

After falling out of print in 2008, No Depression continued to exist as a website and community forum, but in 2015 it made a comeback with a quarterly journal that was available in both print and digital formats. Each issue of the journal contained more than 100 pages on high-quality recycled paper. Marcus Amaker, the first poet laureate of Charleston, South Carolina, created the cover for each issue. Click here to read our quarterly editions and learn more about subscriptions.

Longform articles examining the past, present, and future of roots music can be found in the quarterly journal, which also includes (but is by no means limited to!) Americana and alt-country, folk, blues, soul, indie rock, and bluegrass. While this is going on, No Depression’s website updates fans with shorter tails, interviews, record reviews, and thoughts from writers and the musicians themselves.

Expect to find a variety of content on the website on any given day, including articles written by monthly Spotlight artists, brief summaries of ND’s monthly playlists featuring music from recent new albums, and interviews with well-known musicians. Reviews of books and albums are added to the website frequently; fans of John Prine and Willie Nelson will feel at home there just as much as those who prefer Old 97s or Wilco. We’ve published music journalism over the years that has covered a variety of musicians, including Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, Allison Russell, Chris Stapleton, Emmylou Harris, Sarah Jarosz, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Thile, Rhiannon Giddens, Brandi Carlile, and many more.

A remarkable group of columnists from ND are also featured on their website, providing readers with in-depth looks into Americana through photography, history, or first-hand accounts.

No Depression is committed to upholding the roots music traditions while encouraging the forward progress that comes with each newly composed song.

On our About page, you can read more about our background and current personnel. Use our Contact page to get in touch with us about writing for us, submitting your new album for review, running an advertisement, or anything else.

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