The Journal of Roots Music – No Depression

Journal of Roots Music No Depression

No Depression is a quarterly roots music journal that also publishes online. No Depression is an ad-free print newspaper that focuses on long-form music reporting and in-depth analysis that connects contemporary performers to the vast history of American roots music.

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About No Depression Journal

The FreshGrass Foundation publishes a quarterly, ad-free, long-form publication about roots music titled No Depression. Each issue contains original, in-depth articles, artist profiles, creative artwork, and breathtaking photography. The original music magazine was published from 1995 to 2008. In 2015, to commemorate its 20th anniversary, No Depression returned to the page.

Officially No Depression Website

Since 2009, has been a thriving community for ardent fans of roots music. What began as a community forum has evolved into a specialised media site highlighting the finest in roots music and music journalism.

History The Journal of Roots Music 

In 1995, founding co-editors Peter Blackstock and Grant Alden created a quarterly magazine with the name of an online message board that supported the emerging alt-country scene at the time. This message board was named after a Carter Family song that the pioneering alt-country band Uncle Tupelo covered on its 1990 first album. Blackstock and Alden believed that the slogan “No Depression” suited the manner in which roots music expands out. They wanted to guarantee that their magazine didn’t simply capitalise on a fad, but instead delved deeply into the relationships between old and new, tradition and innovation, shedding light on the ties that bind the music – and, in turn, this music community.

Blackstock and Alden, along with publisher Kyla Fairchild, steered ND through a successful 13-year print run, adapting to the times as the magazine became a defining force that helped establish the significance of Americana and roots music on the national stage.

As record stores closed and ad sales decreased in 2008, the editors and publisher felt it was time to move on. Blackstock and Alden produced three bookazines via the University of Texas Press, while Fairchild led No Depression into uncharted territory with a community website.

During its first five years as an online-only institution (2009-2014), the ND community had no writers or editors on staff; all content was generated by an active group of devoted users, coordinated by Fairchild and Community Manager Kim Ruehl. Then, in early 2014, Fairchild moved on to other endeavours, and the FreshGrass Foundation took over, guiding No Depression’s 2015 return to print.

Contact Infromation Nodepresion

For general questions or support with your journal order, please email [email protected] or call 888-211-8028 ext. 112 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time).

Maureen Cross can be reached through email at accounting@freshgrass. com or by phone at 646-841-4331. Please do not send press releases or physical records to FreshGrass Foundation, PO Box 22129, San Francisco, California 94122. Our mailing address is FreshGrass Foundation, PO Box 22129, San Francisco, California 94122.

Want to Write Nodepression

Long-form, multi-sourced writings about roots music with at least a loose time frame can be found in No Depression’s quarterly journal, which is available in print and via digital subscription. Please send ND Managing Editor Hilary Saunders detailed pitches and three long-form sample clips via email to hilary@nodepression. com. You can find examples of journal features here or here.

NoDepression. com is where we evaluate new albums and offer news, feature articles, and essays concerning the contemporary roots music scene. Writers are encouraged to submit thorough pitches for reviews or online feature articles, typically profiles or shorter interviews, to stacy@nodepression. com. Please provide links or excerpts demonstrating prior published work.

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