Heart Attack Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Ayurvedic Prevention

Heart Attack Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Ayurvedic Prevention

Our country was a very big sage in India 3000 years ago. His name was Maharishi Bhagwat ji !!

He wrote a book
Whose name is Ashtanga Hridayam !!
(Astang Hrudayam)

And in this book, he wrote 7000 sutras to cure diseases!

This is one of them itself !!

Vagwat ji writes that the heart is being ambushed anytime! Meaning that blockage starts getting in the tubes of the heart!

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So this means that in blood, acidity has increased!

You understand acidity!

Which is called Acidity in English !!

There are two types of acidity!

There is one stomach acidity!

And one is the acidity of blood !!

When acidity in your stomach grows! So you will say

✔️ Stomach is burning up !!

✔️ Sour sour belching is coming!

✔️ Water is coming out of the mouth!

And if this acidity increases further!

So there will be hyperacidity!

And when the acidity of the stomach increases in the blood, then blood acidity occurs !!

And when acidity increases in blood, then this acidic blood does not come out of the tubes of the heart! And blockage in tubes!

Only then is the heart attack !! Without it, there is no heart attack !!

And this is the greatest truth of Ayurveda, which no doctor tells you!

Because its treatment is the simplest !!

What is treatment ??

Vagwat ji writes that when acidity in blood has increased! So you use things that are alkaline!

You know there are two types of things!

Acid and alkaline !!

acidic and alkaline

Now mix acid and alkali, what happens! ,

What happens if you meet Acid and Alkaline ?????

‼ ️Neutral‼ ️

Everyone knows it !!

So Wagavat ji writes! If the acidity of the blood has increased, eat alkaline things!

So the acidity of blood will be neutral !!!

And acidity in the blood became neutral!

So there is never a possibility in the life of a Heart Attack !!

This is the whole story !!

Now you will ask what are the things that are alkaline and we should eat ?????

There are many things in your kitchen that are alkaline! If you eat, never have a heart attack!

And if it has come!

So do not come again !!

We all know what the most alkaline things are and all are easily available at home, then it is gourd !!

Which is also called Dudhi !!

In English it is called Bottle Gourd !!!

Which you eat as a vegetable! There is no more alkaline thing than this!

So you drink gourd juice every day and drink !! Or eat raw gourd !!

Vagwat ji says that the maximum strength to reduce blood acidity is in the gourd! * * So you consume gourd juice !!

How much to consume ?

Drink 200 to 300 mg daily !!

When to drink ??

Drink on an empty stomach in the morning (after going tolet) !! Or you can drink half an hour after breakfast !!

You can make this gourd juice more alkaline!

Put 7 to 10 leaves of basil in it, basil is very alkaline !! With this you can add 7 to 10 leaves of mint! Peppermint is also very alkaline! You must add black salt or rock salt with it!

This is also very alkaline !!

but remember

Add salt black or rock only! Never add a second iodine salt !! This salt -rich salt is acidic !!!!

So friends, you must consume this gourd juice !!

Will fix all your heart blockage over a period of 2 to 3 months !!

On the 21st day, you will start seeing a lot of effects !!!

You will not need any operation !!

It will be treated with our Ayurveda of India at home !!

And your precious body and millions of rupees will survive the operation !!

You read the full post, thank you very much !!

If you feel okay, then you should reach all other people.

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