20 Health and Beauty Benefits of Peepal Tree in Daily Routine

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In India, peepal, a sizable evergreen tree, is revered. In addition to emitting oxygen, it also has other significant medical advantages. Asthma, constipation, and excessive blood sugar levels are all treated with various components of the peepal plant, including the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits.

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Peepal is useful for treating skin conditions. Peepal leaf extract applied topically in the form of an ointment promotes wound healing. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it aids in lowering eczema-related irritation.

Due to its astringent qualities, peepal bark helps to lessen the symptoms of diarrhea by compressing the mucosal cells or other bodily tissues. Due to its anti-allergic properties, dried peepal bark powder is used to treat respiratory issues. Due to its laxative qualities, tablets produced from powdered peepal leaves may be used to treat constipation.

Even in a scientific sense, the peepal is a genuine “Tree of Life.” Other trees don’t emit oxygen at night, but this tree does. Every portion of the pipal tree, according to the science of Ayurveda, can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and health problems. Up to 50 diseases, including diarrhea, epilepsy, and stomach problems, can be cured by this tree.

  • The only plant that gives oxygen both day and night.
  • Put fresh 6-7 leaves of  Peepal cord and put it in 400 grams of water and boil it till 100 grams, the pot is not of steel and aluminum when it is cool, your heart will start recovering in a single day.
  • Eat food on the leaves of the map, the liver is cured.
  • Make powder of dried leaves of spine and eat half a teaspoon of jaggery and eat it in the morning, no matter how old asthma is cured.
  • Grind fresh 4-5 leaves of  Peepal and mix it with water and drink it, it starts to relax in jaundice only 1-2 times.
  • Grind the bark of the  Peepal in the Ganges water and apply it in the wound, giving immediate relief.
  • Mixing the bark of the  Peepal and sucked 5-6 times a day, any intoxication is missed.
  • Drinking a decoction of pipal leaves cures all diseases of the lungs, heart, stomach and liver.
  • Drink a decoction of the leaves of the  Peepal leaves, cures kidney diseases and breaks the stones and excludes it.
  •  It is also depressing, go under the Peepal tree and sit for 30 minutes daily, finishing the depression.
  • Take equal quantities of fruits and fresh crops of the  Peepal and dry it and mix the khand and take it twice a day, curing all the diseases of women and all diseases of monthly time.
  • Take an equal quantity of fruit and fresh copy of the  Peepal and dry it and mix the khand and take it twice a day, cures the children and the brain makes it very fast.
  • The children who have hyperactivity, who run away overnight, sleep less, and sit under the peepal tree makes everything right.
  • Sitting under the peepal will end everything in 30-45 days. Your Knee Pain Will Remove
  • In the body, blood comes from anywhere, women get more blood in monthly time, blood comes in hemorrhoids, blood comes when the teeth get out, get hurt, get 8-10 leaves and grind it, filter and drink, immediately stop flowing blood .
  • There is swelling anywhere in the body, pain, heat the leaves of peepal and tie it, they will be cured

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