Home Makeover 101 – 6 Ways to Make Your Home Appear Luxurious and Elegant

Home Makeover

Who doesn’t want to own a home that looks stylish, elegant, and straight out of the pages of the Architectural Digest? The answer is – yes, you guessed it – everyone! 

Home means a lot more than just four walls and a roof. Drywall restoration service providers fix any damage to your walls caused by extreme weather, as well as prevent future damage. It is your private space and a place where you and your family create memories together. It is an extension of your personality and a peaceful abode where you can come for relaxation after having a tough day. Home is a space that is free of poker faces where you can find your mental and emotional peace. As such, your home deserves as much TLC as you do on a regular basis. 

So, how can you make your home feel loved? By keeping up with the latest interior design trends and shaking things up now and then by investing in home makeover projects. As home makeovers are easier said than done, below given are fabulously easy ways how you can make your home appear opulent, elegant, and the envy of your neighbours. 

Use Tasteful Furniture that Exudes Comfort and Luxuriousness

Home Makeover

The furniture you choose can make or break the overall interior design of your home. Every room in your house will be dominated by furniture and it will stand out as a focal point. You can use furniture to set a specific atmosphere, but always make sure to match it with the theme of your home’s interiors. 

For achieving a luxurious look and feel, you can select sophisticated furniture pieces that showcase simple, minimalistic lines with upholstered edges. For example, you can use modern elegant lounges or leather sofas with upholstery from Artyz in Kolkata. Such simple designs and clean lines will exude a feeling of comfort and luxuriousness, without the overbearing effect. 

Don’t Leave your Walls Bare. Decorate them.

Slathering paint on the walls of your home is only the first step. Don’t stop there. You can add character to the walls of your home by decorating them with stunning wall accessories. You can put up artistic picture frames, mirrors with embellished work, paintings, oversized wall hangings, or any other artwork that appeals to your aesthetic sense. such as cheap posters yet look luxurious with the great design of your favorite celebrities or artists Unique wall artwork can instantly elevate the décor of your home and lend personality. Even wallpaper with metallic finishes, textured design, or elegant patterns can help you to express your style and creativity. But, don’t use wallpaper for your entire home. Dedicate one side of the wall of a room so that it doesn’t end up looking cluttered. 

Embellished Windows can Create an Opulent Look

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to home makeovers. Everyone is so busy selecting the right furniture and choosing the right artwork for the wall that they forget about decorating the windows in the house. Make sure not to make that mistake as your windows also need to be dressed up for your home to achieve an overall extravagant look and feel. A simple trick would be to get rich and heavy drapes that will instantly lift the vibe of the room. Also, you can opt for other window treatments like roller blinds, roman shades, or sheers. You can also consider tinting the windows on your house to help protect your furniture and walls from the sun’s harmful rays Furthermore, it increases privacy and creates a more aesthetically pleasing look for your home.

Invite Rugs and Carpets to Your Home

Home Makeover

Carpets and rugs reek of sophistication and elegance. You don’t even have to try hard to appear luxe. There are different ways to incorporate rugs or carpets into your home. For instance, you can use smaller-sized rugs to separate spaces or you can carpet an entire room in your house. The application choice largely depends on the overall décor of your home. Ultimately, you have to make sure that the rugs or carpets match your furniture, window treatment, and wall artwork. It shouldn’t be too overbearing and also the colors have to be matched accordingly. If everything in your home has a dark tone and hue, the carpets or rugs should be in contrast or your home will end up looking drab. 

You Cannot go Wrong with a Dash of Nature into Your Home

Home Makeover

If you appreciate nature and tired of living in a concrete jungle, you can bring nature home. Window sills can be decorated with creepers or small flowery plants. You can even keep house plants in your living room or dining room. Utilize the ceiling place to hang plants. Also, your bathroom would be the best place to decorate with greens. 

Greenery and fresh flowers will make your home appear cozy, welcoming, and refreshing. It will create a positive atmosphere and exude an airy vibe. Moreover, splashes of green will help break the monotony of neutrality. 

Never Compromise on Lighting 

So, you’ve got the right furniture, the right wall accessory, and also got beautiful green plants for your home, but you’ve become casual when it came to lighting. All your efforts will be in vain and your home’s interior look and feel will be a colossal failure. If you don’t know this, lighting can influence the general mood of your home. The appropriate light fixtures must be installed so that the overall mood and ambiance of the home can be uplifted and you can effortlessly create an atmosphere of elegance and opulence. You can get mood lights so that you can adjust and control your lighting according to your mood. For a dramatic effect, you can get a beautiful chandelier and hang it above the dining table, your bed, or even above your bathtub to make a luxe décor statement. This will also create the much-needed drama that you’re looking for without appearing kitschy. You can visit a modern furniture showroom in Kolkata to get ideas on both traditional and modern chandeliers for your home. 

Creating a modern home exuding grandeur and elegance is all about selecting the appropriate furniture pieces and accessories that complement the wall décor of your home, along with your personality. Hopefully, this guide will give you enough inspiration to design a living space that showcases style, oomph, and sophistication.

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